Question: "I'm a diabetic" or "I have diabetes"?

Is it better for me to say,“I’m a diabetic” or, “I have diabetes.” Which statement empowers me to control my diabetes?

I like I’m a Diabetic…But either works!

Which ever one makes you feel more empowered. For me, it doesn’t matter. I use them both.

Which ever works for you, I use both depending on the conversation at hand

does it matter? ether way your admitting that you have it.

Whichever turns your crank. I am…I have…no difference to me.

Others here care about the wording. I, personally, don’t care. I know who I am, and it has nothing to do with whatever words somebody else uses or even what words I use. Others may be at a different stage than me, though.

i think they are both empowering…

Doesn’t matter to me… :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Kathy, and I have a sugar problem. Just kidding.

I have used both statements many times =) Personally, it doesn’t really matter.

Go w/ whichever one you feel empowers you (b/c that’s definitely what matters!). Some ppl have a stigma about “I’m a diabetic” b/c it “labels” you as a condition first rather than a person first. I’ve used both and continue to do so. I think it’s whatever you make of it.

It sounds like you may already have your answer though if you’re having trouble picking between the two :slight_smile:

I have been thinking that saying “I am diabetic” sound less “disabling” than “I have diabetes”. I don’t know why but the later sounds like I am saying “I am compromised”, it sounds defeatist.

Stupid I know. But if I say “I eat a diabetic low carb diet.” Doesn’t sound so bad to me. I’ll be sticking with the first one.

I’d prefer something like “I’m managing my diabetes,” as it is more descriptive to my mind.

When someone says to me “oh you’re diabetic” I say “no I’m an insulin addict” hehe!

I go with both at different times. Which ever you want to use. Nether impares me. It’s just something I HAVE CONTROL OVER. It dosen’t have control of me!

I’m going to go with the general group on this one. Labels to me don’t really matter and its whatever you feel most comfortable with. I have a tendency to say “I’m Diabetic” because i think mentally i just see it as something i am, not something i have.

Well, IAD… ItAllDepends
and I think you should speak in terms of how the majority of others understand Diabetes

  1. If your a T1 or On Insulin… Then I’d be saying your a Insulin Diabetic ( They understand you need Insulin)
  2. If You’re Not On insulin, then say your a Diabetic… They think all you need is What? Pills and Watch what you eat…

It’s not so much what We know, it is how it’s percieved and been drumed into their brains about us…

I like this… and 'pancreatically challenged" :slight_smile:

I usually refer to myself as a person with diabetes… not “I have” or “I am”

haha… I tell kids at work I’m allergic to sugar. =)