Do you really throw out lantus or humalog after 28 days?

I would just check the expiration date, Stress. When I got close to the date on my Apidra pens I started pulling insulin out of them to use in my pump so I didn't end up wasting it.

Thanks - it expires 01/2014 - but that is a good idea to use them in my pump!! That's why I love this site!!

You don't need to throw out an unopened vial. Insulin, unopened, is good for 1-2 years depending on the expiration date on the vial. You can also donate unused, unexpired insulin.

I can't afford to toss viable insulin.

Thanks for your thoughtful replies. I will more than likely continue to use the pen at work for well past the 28th day as I have already done that anyway. I'll keep an eye out for weird, inexplicable numbers and dump it when I or if I get any.

I don't. My bolus insulin lasts around 40 days, and I use it that long without any loss of potency - as I'm currently adjusting and battling many hypos, I'd have noticed if it suddenly got weaker, as my control would finally be ok.

With Lantus, I really do throw away the extra insulin- and I use pens to reduce the amount I'm throwing out (I use 7-12 units/day and pens have 300 units vs 1000 in vials).
With Novolin R and, earlier, Novolog, I've never seen it go bad and don't throw it out.

I use my insulin until it is gone. I take about one vial a month so I don't worry too much about it. If I go over a few days, so be it.

I never threw away any Lantus when I was using it before the pump. I never notices its loosing much potency, and never had any problems.

I am surprised at all the people who don't toss, actually. We always throw out on the 1st of every month and get a new pen cartridge, but then we have 100% coverage with unlimited refils so why would I keep older insulin. I usually end up tossing about 1/2 of the cartridge of Humalog monthly.

My Insulin lasts normally 40-45 days for me. Why would I throw it out at 28 days? I have always kept my Insulin in the fridge opened and unopened, unless I've gone away from our home. My Hubby bought me a little red fridge to put my Insulin, juice, cheese, milk(for my pills)in. It's beside my bed if I need it.