Be honest, do you actually throw a pen or vial away at 28 days?

Since I’ve gone to a very low carb diet I find that my novolog, an to a lesser extent lantus pens aren’t used up within 28 days. I could probably easily make each last about 45 days. I just can’t stand the thought of throwing them away at day 28 though. I am so frugal by nature and feel like they are such a valuable thing that I just can’t bring myself to do it… So I haven’t… And they seem to work fine for as long as I’ve used them (out to 45 days or so). Is there anything risky about doing this or is it a terrible idea for some reason I’ve not thought of? I understand its potency will start to diminish at some point but its not like that is an instant dramatic change…

Nope. I keep the old ones in the fridge, every now and then I drain a reservoir, have the RX called in but am just lazy or something else comes up so I'll refill it with the old stuff. So far it's always worked fine. I check the expiration dates (the one 2 days ago was 10/2014 mixed w/ 12/2014...) and has been working fine. I don't know how old it is. It's sort of weird that something that you "should" date comes in bottles you can't write on as it would be handy to note but I'd probably still use it. I agree that the price is a big motivation, given that insulin costs like as much as cocaine, it seems like it would be crazy to toss it out!!

I never throw out my insulin. It has never gone bad. I never have more than three bottles at a time, and they are gone in 2 to 2 1/2 months. I threw out an Apidra bottle that was 1/3 full when I inadvertently left it in a book bag that was in my car in 90 degree Ohio summer weather, for 12 hours.The bottle and everything else in the car felt warm to the touch. That is the one and only time I threw away insulin. Did not want to chance it. Take that back I threw away some Lantus I had for 2 1/2 years that I had to use for a couple of days, due to a weekend pump failure. Knew it was too old. yes. I am a medicine, and a few other items, hoarder!!
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Luckily I pretty much use up my Lantus pens and have to waste very little. I do notice-it could be in my head though- that when I prime the needle with the 2 units before I do my actual injection that it starts to smell a little strong as it nears the 28 day mark. I do have a sensitive nose and it could totally be me. I actually LOVE the smell of my insulin, I think I actually crave it-weird. I'm not right haha!

Not until the vial is empty. I keep all of my insulin refrigerated all the time, except when I need to take it somewhere, and then it's in a Frio. I use a vial until it is empty or nearly so -- I don't drive myself crazy trying to milk the last dregs out of a nearly-finished vial -- and I routinely have vials last close to 90 days. Never had a problem, ever.

I'm not sure about Lantus, but based on the product insert for Levemir, it actually lasts for up to 45 days. Novolog says up to 28 days. Honestly, if the insulin seems to be keeping my son at good numbers, I keep using it. However, I am quick to change it on time if I start seeing bad numbers. The numbers may have nothing to do with the insulin going bad, but I just don't like to chance it.

WHAT! No Way am an insulin addict...will use it to the last drop no matter if it was 28 or 48 days old........ GOT INSULIN??

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Nope. Good to the last drop!

I threw away 2 pens. Now I don't throw any away till they're totally done, I even inject the remaining insulin which won't come out on it's own with syringes. Another thing I'm doing is to inject insulin from older prefilled pens into my novo pen junior empty refill. I'm frugal too.. lol. I carry all my insulin in a frio now and I think this helps. My symlin is always in the fridge. I'm just getting to the end of one pen and that does seem to be somewhat less effective now, but it still works. There is no danger imo, just that you may spike if it really is weak I guess.

Nope. I've used Apidra for 6-8 weeks. Same with Levemir. Only insulin I tossed at 28 days was Lantus because it definitely was kaput by day 28.

I keep opened vials refrigerated or in a Frio wallet & don't inject air into the vials. Perhaps that helps keep it potent.

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Nope. I use humalog. I don't keep mine in the fridge once I open it, so if my purse is in hot weather (August it always breaks 110 deg F here), sometimes it gets too hot and stops working. When I notice it isn't working, I will throw out the vial, but otherwise......good to the last drop. =)

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I use vials - T1 for 39 years. Never have thrown one away early, and probably never will. Never encountered a problem with it "getting old" either.

When at home, I will sometimes stretch it out to 6 weeks. However, I travel quite a bit and am somewhat risk averse and will start a new pen if I'm likely to hit the 4 week mark by my departure or while on the road. I once found myself traveling in Africa with a new, unopened box of Levemir (5 pens) that were all bad. This is different to using it past the recommended discard date, I know, but it was a sobering experience nonetheless. Fortunately I had a 10mL vial as backup that was good and carried me through the 1 month trip. I never feel good about discarding unused insulin, but fortunately I have excellent insurance with no co-pay, and the risks of using it longer than a month outweigh the benefits due to my travel.

I can not remember tossing a vial before it was drained.....I keep my reg with me and leave my Lantus in the fridge. I have unopened vials in my fridge for months and when I open them they work great. Insulin works at 98.6 a little temp should not hurt it but if left for long periods of time in hot temps yes it will decrease its potency.. I was diagnosed in December of 1968.

Yes. Diabetes has so many variable factors I do not want to introduce yet another one - i.e. possible variation in insulin strength due to age at room temperature or higher.

In practice, it is not a problem anymore as I use it up before 28 days are up.

not an issue for me...I use it way before the 28 days are up!

No, I normally use it until the vial is almost empty. It usually lasts me 40-45 days. IF I get a high that I cannot bring down to normal and keep it there and I've ruled everything else out, then I toss it. This seldom happens. Granted, I have "melted" the Insulin a few times on our travels.

Like Gerri, I keep my Insulin in the fridge after opening it. I also do not put air in the vials(since the late 1970's).

I have never thrown out a vial in 20 years and have never noticed that older insulin was less potent. I keep my humalog/lantus refrigerated and when I am away from home I use a travel kit (DiaPak) with an ice pack.