Do you really throw out lantus or humalog after 28 days?

OK, so I know on the patient information sheet it says once opened an insulin pen or vial can be used for 28 days and then should be discarded. Does anyone really do this ? Or is this just the pharma company's way to force us to buy more ?
I have only recently started keeping track of when I opened a pen and I notice today that the pen I have at work is now 3 days past it's life expectancy. I haven't noticed any significant drop off in potency or any highs I can't explain, but I am just curious how many actually follow the pharma company suggestions.

I don't. I'm on the pump and usually don't have a single bottle open that long but I generally keep a bottle in my desk at work just in case I run out at work. I try to rotate it out, but don't always do so.

I wouldn't even think twice about something 3 days old. Heck, 3 months hasn't ever been a problem for me. YMMV, and I'm not saying you should let your insulin sit out for 3 months at room temperature, but..... back in the day we didn't even refrigerate it after opening and it seemed to still work

I'm with Glen. I'm on a pump too and always mark my apidra vials. I usually make it about a month - I actually don't even remember if the vials have a 28-day warning?

But when I was on pens, the same thing. I'd keep track of the date just to know to have it in my head in case there was a problem with blood sugars I'd know if that was a possible cause. But if your blood sugars are fine, then no way would I throw it away!

I have never thrown out insulin it's a rare commodity. I have never had a Doctor/CDE tell me to throw out my insulin after a certain amount of time.

I use my vials of Humalog and Lantus for 6 to 8 weeks (stored in fridge).

I tend to use slightly more than a month. I actually take the novolog that I've been using for the past month and stick it in my purse for use when I'm out--so I use them for slightly more than two months. This past month, I had a few highs toward the end--which I think I can attribute to the lantus being slightly watered down, but I don't know. When I changed vials it did go away. It was about 40 days open.

I think the rationalle is that opening the vial (or pen) ruins the sterialization. Even though you're using a sterile needle in a sterile container, the air that you push in isn't sterile and begins the process of denaturing the insulin. After 28 days, the cumulitive effect starts being a problem but it's probably not too bad--it's not as though 28 days is magic (like at 27, the insulin is perfect and on 28 it's turned to a weak solution comprised mostly of water and bandaid smell) but the manufacturers/FDA begin not to trust it starting then.

I have actually had a CDE tell me to only use it for the 28 days and then replace the pen or vial.

Of course the patient info sheet says once opened do not store it in the fridge it should be kept at room temp. At least that is what it says for the pens, I think the vials are the same though.

Today once opened they recommend storing at room temp, not refrigerating, but that may just their way of making us purchase more insulin because it probably breaks down faster at room temp.

I always use up my insulin within a month, so I've never had the problem of having to throw out expired insulin. However, I've heard of some people having unexplained high blood sugars for 3 or 4 days in a row. They change to a fresh vial or cartridge of insulin, and things are fine. 28 days is a just a suggestion anyway. If it gets exposed to extreme heat, it might last less than that.

I've always kept my pens - and now vials - in the fridge.Never been a problem. Just reduces the variables.

Back when I was on MDI I would not even consider throwing away insulin if it lasted past 28 days. Now I am pumping, this is not even a concern.

Someone a while ago linked to a report/study produced by Eli Lily that I believe is directly related to this. It stated (pretty close to this) that insulin stored in a frige for 28 days had 99% efficacy while insulin stored at 80 degrees F (approximately) for 28 days had 90-95% efficacy. Hopefully someone can provide proof/hard evidence of this.

Personally, If my insulin is functioning as I expect it to I use it. If it is not (even less than a week being opened) I pitch it.

I'm thinking I should start dating my vials just in case, but I use my insulin until it's gone or does something weird (I had one vial start crystallize or something). I've never had a problem with BG due to old insulin. If you're not having problems with your insulin, I'd go with everyone else and keep using it.

I've had CDEs tell me that too. I nod, smile, and keep using my insulin anyway. ;)

Last December my Dr gave me 3 Humolog pens because of the Apidra shortage. Two weeks ago I opened the first pen from my first prescription since then. The pen I have at work is the last of the 3 I got in Dec. It is still working fine and will probably last through July. The only time I refrigerate my open pens is when there is a possibility of 80+ temperatures. Not something we worry a lot about in Seattle. This has pretty much been the case all along for me and I have never seen a problem.

Yes I am and it is working fine. I was happy with Apidra, but after using Humolog for a couple weeks I liked it much better. It works just a little slower and longer. It seems to match up with my diet and routine better. I also use Lantus and find the combination works really well for me.

It usually takes me about 32 days to run through a vial of humalog in my pump and I rarely have any fall off at the end of the period. On the other hand, I carry a humalog pen for my back-up and I try to be consistent about switching the cartridge every 28 days. I'm carrying if as insurance and I don't want to be in the position of having my pump go and dealing with borderline insulin under stressful conditions.

Any ideas how long a unopened Humalog pen will last? I've been on the pump since Dec 2011 but carry a pen just in case.

When I was on Lantus, I noticed a consistent decline in potency at 25-26 days. I now use Levemir & it's fine for 6-7 weeks. I also use Apidra for 6 weeks without problem, but I keep my insulin refrigerated or in a Frio wallet during warm weather & don't inject air into vials, which may help it last longer.

In theory, it's 28 days out of the refrigerator but I really have no idea. I always pitched mine after a month even if never opened but who knows. What is he expiration date of the pen itself?