Do you take Victoza? Introduce yourself here!


Hello every one!

I have been using and insulin pump for the last 6 years and i now started victoza and it has helped me take half the insulin I total day. iam half lost 8 lbs in two weeks because I have a hard time eating fatty foods with victoza and I HAVE LOST MY APPETITE. I pray I continue to use less insulin until it is not needed anymore. I do get stomach aches but in time I believe it will pass. Are any of you taking insulin also?


Excuse the miss spelling on the prior comment!

I have lost 8 lbs in two weeks and I know more is going to come off. I my stay at 1.2 or may have to start taking it at night so my stomach won’t feel so sour. I sure does cause my appetite to change big time!!! Let me know if anyone of you are having any problems or are using insulin with victoza?


Had problems with one of my Victoza pens. The plunger seemed to stuck or got stuck at times. Called Novo Nordisk and complained to their quality control people, They replaced it and gave me another pen free. Pharmacy handled the details. Thanks Novo Nordisk for your help.


I started Victoza one month ago, and my readings look good. Novolog and even Lantus dosages are decreasing. Yay!

Unfortunately, I’ve taken an extended vacation from work this week in order to deal with the nausea. When I increased to 1.2mg after a few days at 0.6mg, nausea became fierce. Fresh ginger is the only remedy, but it only does so much - too much causes irritation and pain. OTC meds provide much less effective relief to none at all.

Before I began Victoza, I was used to dealing with nausea perhaps on the average of one week in five or six, especially in the morning. Herbal ginger tea usually took care of it. Now I have to deal with it all day every day and the intensity is much, much worse.

Anyone else have problems with nausea? How long does it last?


I started yesterday at 6pm, I woke up very tired and felt like someone had beat me with a sock full of sand. My fasting number was good 101 and I have been in the 90’s and 80’s all day. I am waiting for a response from my ENDO to see if I need to reduce my Lantus tonight from 38 units to 35. Have not had to use Novolog all day. I hope I can loose some additional weight before knee surgery in December.


Well I made it thru the weekend. I had to stop Lantus Friday night and my numbers have been running a little above normal with my overnight being lower than normal. I am using Novolog to adjust befor meals is necessary and only shot Novolog 3 times over the weekend.
ENO office called this morning my A1C was 5.7, creatin was normal
I faxed them my log from last week waiting to see how they respond.


Well I have been doing Victoza since last Wednesday and I saw my first weight loss this morning 2lbs. I am forcing myself to eat but I push away much eariler than usual. I go to 1.2mg tomorrow evening hopefully I will stay on track.
ENDO responded yesterday afternoon I don’t think he was pleased with my stopping Lantus all together but he got over it. I will fax him my log for this week next monday. He also added a perscription potassium twice daily to get my potassium levels up. I am hoping this will help my energy level always tired.


I just started on Victoza on Saturday, 0.6 dose. This coming Saturday I go to the 1.2 dose. So far I have already noticed a huge difference. I am also on Levimir and Novolog, Metformin 2000/day and Amaryl 8mg/day. I’ve had to reduce my Amaryl to 4mg to prevent hypo and I’ve noticed I don’t need any Novolog until my last meal of the day since my numbers before breakfast and especially lunch are so low. My goal of getting below 120 fasting in the am is getting closer. Before Victoza i was sitting around 150 but after just a couple days on it I am already at 130ish. My last A1c three months ago was 7.4 and last week it was 6.5! I’m so excited to see what this Victoza is going to do. I’m not excited about the nausea though :frowning: Good luck ya’ll!!!


Hi all,
I just started victoza last sunday the 25th,I have had no problem till last night,around 12:30 my reading was 60 but when I went to bed it was high,I don’t get it.


Well I did my first 1.2mg shot last night at 3:10am this morning I was 74. Had my usual candied orange slice and tried to sleep in my chair. When I ate at 6:15am I was 123(did not adjust with Novolog). I was 107 before I ate lunch. Still at 2lbs lost. I will drop my glimiperide tonight to see if that will prevent the going low at 3am.
This week lunch is what I call Taco salad - plate of shreaded lettuce, 3/4 cup of taco meat, chopped onions, shreaded cheese and a little 1000 island dressing.


I am really pleased with the 1.2mg level. You can see that the BG’s readings track by the time of day. I have only lost 3lbs in two weeks wish the weight loss was faster but will take what ever I can get. Just faxed log for last week to my ENDO. They should get back to me today with recommendations.


The nausea finally subsided after four weeks. I have lost 10lbs. Interestingly enough, when the nausea is most intense, I lose the least weight - likely due to inactivity.


Glad to hear that the nausea stopped after four week I’ve been on for only a week and it’s driving me nuts,but it sounds like it’s worth it.


I started my 1.8mg shoots on Wednesday I really feel tired all the time and a little nausea. It was really hard to force myself to work today. I am down 4lbs my portion sizes have really reduced. I am eating so little it is hard to get the nutrition. i have increased my supplements.
Knees still hurt and this has hendered keeping up the walking. We have been over 100 most of this week so staying inside and not moving a lot has been the primary concern.


My insurance State of Mississippi(managed by BCBS of Mississippi) said that Victoza was a tier 2 med $80 every 3 months.
I believe this is the best thing that has happened to me recently.
At 2:30am this morning I was 86 and did not adjust. At 6:30am before breakfast I was 128 shot 3 units Novolog and had a breakfast bar @ 19gm of carbs because I was running late. At 9:17am I was 104 and before lunch @11:14am I was 82 ate my lunch of homemade chili. 2:01pm @ 126 and at 3:05 122.

Enjoying the results


Dear all,
I started on the lower dose of Victoza (0.6 mg) last week. The first few days were dificult digestion wise and my stamach felt always full. I had no energy as well for 4/5 days. However the result are phenomenal. I had to cut down on the Diamicron tablets (from 4 a day to 2). I even had a few hypos! I’m extra careful with my food intake and excercice level. I go for a digestive walk every evening (40 minutes).
I haven’t trained on the bike for a week as I want to wait until I am fully acclimated to the Victoza before I start training again.


Hi Fred. Yes the first week or two dosings on Victoza can be strong for some people. If you feel hypo and get sick to your stomach eat a small cracker or have a tiny amount of milk. I found that I have to eat something small when I get this and it passes rathe quickly. You may get this in the middle of the night when sleeping, I did as my body adjusted to it. Good luck


Well, I started Victoza yesterday. So far no side effects and no effect on my blood sugar. Since I am switching from Byetta, it may just not be that much difference. I did snag 2 free startup pens from the endo. Aetna is a real pain with Victoza, requiring that prescriptions be filled through their specialty pharmacy (although you can get the first fill through a retail). I’m trying to be hopeful about the Victoza.


Good Luck BSC. I am waiting with baited breath to see what happens! I had a pen that I thought was not working right and called the pharmacist at Novo and they sent me a whole box of the stuff via my pharmacy. Just in case you have a sticky pen.

The health insurance I am on here in Minnesota now has it listed as a approved medication. Hopefully Atena will get the message from the other insurance carriers.

I know Dr B switches some of his patients back and forth as they become tolerant . I think you will enjoy the once a day vs twice a day. Pauly


Grrr. I am really trying to stay optimistic about this, but Grrr. I’m up to 1.2 mg. No problems with nausea. My digestion is more even than with Byetta, but unfortunately, that is all. No blood sugar improvement. Only two readings under 100 since starting Victoza. Abnd my weight is up 5 lbs (well it was Labor day). And now I find out that Aetna quoted me the cost wrong, this stuff is going to cost me $189/month. I am going to accelerate the ramp up to 1.8 mg. Please don’t tell my doctor. Grr. I’m really trying to be hopeful about this, but it is hard.