Do you tend to under or over bolus?

I usually over bolus as I hate highs.


Over always over I’m like you on that one but then again sometimes too much then I pass out and have a seizer. My family LOVES that one! HA!

Sometimes I over bolus, because I’d rather be low than high! But sometimes I just don’t get it right, no matter what!


For me it depends on what Im doing , If I 'm having a busy day at work I might under bolus for lunch for fear of going low or if Im going to be in a meeting I hate having lows around people .

I prefer to overbolus - I’d much rather be low than high.
Of course I’m careful about it, and I test again a while later so I can eat if I have to (sometimes its just nice to have an excuse to eat M&Ms lol)

If I’m high it takes a lot more insulin to get me down anyway. If I’m at 7 and want to get to 5 I take one unit for that 2 point drop. If I’m at 15 that one unit will be lucky to get me down to 14.5! So I go jab-happy and just watch it carefully.

The only time I wont do that is if I’m about to drive (ALWAYS careful with driving) or go out socialising. It’s just no fun to stop & check BG constantly when I’m meant to be out enjoying myself!

Under-bolus, by far. I hate lows with a fiery passion.

I usually over bolus though I know my doctors hate it. I figure I’d rather feel a little goofy with a low than blind or legless because of being high so much.

But when my doc’s switch up my numbers they usually under bolus me. It’s a give and take sort of thing. I find it really reasuring to see that I’m not the only one that would rather have a low then be soaring with a high. Plus I do like the excuse to eat an extra snack if I am lower than desired.

Ahhh we are all sick little puppies. :wink:

Exactly, when BGS go high you have bolus, bolus, bolus, and then bam.

I do know that correction factors you normally use go out the window on bgs over 200, especially on a fatty meal.

Fats are worse than carbs for me.

Good Morning Karen! I tend to under Bolus because I’m sensitive to the insulin… I also tend to under Bolus on highs because I don’t want to go low… Like last night, I change my site and it takes awhile of my body to get use to it and I go high… I under bolus because I didn’t want to go low during the night…

Yea, do you know more about that? I’m curious becasue the dietician I see didn’t “want” to get into it with me but just said generally fats are bad. Is it because they take longer to break down or what?

I tend to under bolus, as I am new to the pump. Guess I’m skittish about getting hypo. As I become more comfortable, I think I’ll find the happy medium where I’m suppose to be.


I tend to under bolus for dinner. I am still trying to figure everything out my dinner meals. My Endo suggested I lower my carb to insulin ratio. I am thinking about investing in a scale to help with my home cooked meals; it’s hard to calculate those home cooked meals.

I’d rather be low than high & tend to over bolus, unless I need to drive. Would never admit this to my doctors:) When I’m high I feel much worse & the highs scare me more than lows. Fortunately, I can feel the lows quickly. Like Jessica, it’s a good excuse for a snack.

I under bolus because I am quite sensitive to the insulin and go low very easy…not so bad anymorecna be a little more agressive since I got the CGMS…but I hate the lows and I don’t tripthe 250 line much-unless I really messup–thats where all I want to do is sleep…250 bemy witching number

As far as I know, fats and proteins work in the same way to prolong the digestion of the carbs. So that means that if you’re having a meal with lots of fat and lots of protein the carb high will last much longer than a regular meal. I’ve found that the fat seems to kick in later though, so after 2 hours you’re fine, but then in another hours time you’re high again.