Do you use syringes or insulin pens? Introduce yourself here!

I want a pump as well. Hopefully 2010 will be the year that I get one.

I have been a type 1 for 27 years, always needles. I would like to get a pump and at least try it I think the best part of the pump would be the CGM that would come with it.
I take 42 Lantus at bedtime and 18-22 novolog per meal. I recently bought a Novopen 4 from UK because they dont sell them in the states.
But that is the limit to my purchases of equipment.

I take Lantus (anywhere from 28-40 units) but I may have to accept the fact that I could benefit from some fast-acting insulin, as well. I’ve been fighting that. I think I can control my #s with diet and exercise. I don’t want to be on ANY insulin. I’ve researched the pump and the omnipod and read some horrific stories of “machinery gone bad.” One guy (in Canada, I believe) DIED when his pump malfunctioned in the middle of the night and emptied the entire load of insulin all at once. If I HAVE to be on insulin, I’d like to be in control of how much goes into me!

I take Novolog 8-10 units before eating and 20 Lantus before bed. I’ve thought about getting a pump, but my a1c seems to be fine ,only been diagnosed since last april so only 2 a1c tests so far (5/09-6.1 , 9/09-5.3) so i’ll just stick to this for now. Its a pain esspeically when i go to Phillies or Eagles games but why fix what doesnt seem to be broken.

Hi All,
I’ve been type 1 for almost 34 years, first vials and now pens. Take 13u of Lantus at bedtime and a sliding scale at each meal of Novolog. I agree, sometimes it does feel like we’re looked at by pumpers as real losers! I’m sure pumping works great for them, that’s why they’re pumpers!! :slight_smile: I’m sure it’s easier to live day to day but it’s also easier to eat! thus the weight gain for a lot. I’ve recently checked into the Solo pump by Mendingo, if I go pump this will be the one. It’s a tubeless pump that’s suppose to be for sale this year. For me the thought of the “tubes” is what turns me off.

I agree with you, barb, the thought of being tethered to tubes 24/7 really does not
appeal to me. I don’t take that much insulin and I don’t think my ins. would cover
a pump anyway. I haven’t gained any weight in the 11 years that I have been T-1, and my A1c is 6.3. Just taking my shots each day doesn’t seem to cramp my style.

Yes, the tubes would bother me but mainly I feel that I am more in control with MDI. At least I know that when I give myself a shot, it’s in my body and doing what it is supposed to be doing. Pumpers can never know for sure since there are many things that can and have gone wrong. I don’t feel I’m a loser at all. I feel quite free except for the necessary testing.

I’ve seen many of their A1c’s. Lordy! Some are between 7.5 up to 9.0. That’s way higher than mind. Their A1c’s must have been Really high before the pump, or they don’t know how to use their pump properly or other reasons.

Many pumpers do experience highs and lows although supposedly not as extreme. Some even seizures. I’ve been following pumpers for many years because I was considering getting a pump.

On the other hand many pumpers do Very Well, have lowered their A1c to a Good range but some say they have also gone low carb, exercise more and lost weight which they didn’t need a pump to do.

Do you count carbs Barb? You definitely need to know that before you start pumping.

Many of us who use long-lasting Insulins split the dose and find it works better to balance our sugars like if we can’t eat a meal or snack on time. Most People find that these long-acting Insulins do not work for the whole 24 hours, as they were supposed to. So we split our doses to cover all 24 hours.

Your A1c is already Good(unless you experience many highs and lows). A change in your Insulin dosage, basal rate testing and carb counting can remedy that. Lower carb diets are beneficial.

Sorry, I don’t mean to talk you out of a pump. You will probably do well with the proper training and understanding. I think someone on here mentioned the Solo but I do not remember who. I sincerely wish you the Very Best with whatever Insulin delivery that you choose. We just want Diabetics to be healthy, not get complications and to not die before their time.

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Hi, i just joined your group! I am new to this site, but not new to diabetes. I just started taking insulin two days ago.

Well, this is my third day on insulin. So far it is not bottoming my bs out. Last night at work i did have a few shaky moments when i dropped to 87! I have been having bs of 200plus in the evening so i felt it. Had a cookie and felt better. Dr. told me to try to ride out the feelings if i can but couldnt write nurse notes with shaky hands.

Tell the MD to drop his blood sugar form 200 to 87 and see how long he can tolerate the symptoms :slight_smile: At least you tested and knew what it was - and obviously it was dropping. Peace+ Tim

You are feeling the low BS more because of being so high before the insulin. It probably would be a good idea to check your BS more frequently especially at work. I get many lows that I don’t even feel them most of the time. My husband can usually spot my lows before I feel them.

thanks catlover and Tim for your responses. I know it will get better but it is little scary. I have been testing 4x a day and as needed. I feel a little like a pin cushion but have built up some pretty decent callouses. Lol

Hi all…I’ve been living with Diabetes for almost 26 years. I bought a pump about 2 years ago, however it is still sitting in my closet. I thought for a moment, that I would like to be on one. I was wrong! LOL! I don’t like the idea of being hooked up to something. I love my needles!

I have one, too, Timi. I’ll get around to it, sooner than later I hope, but I feel like you do.

I have a question for anyone and everyone. I have been taking novolog 70/30 at 35 units in the am and 25 in pm. I took it yesterday morning and ate 2 toast, 1 egg and a slice of cheese with coffee. I checked my bs before lunch and it was 98. Before supper it was 200plus and i has only had a snack. ???

Hi. Been diabetic since I was 8 years old. Will celebrate my 35th year of being diabetic this year!!! Taking 2 shots of Levemir a day and 3 shots of Apidra with meals. My latest hba1c was 6.1. Been low carbing since October 2009. I haven’t considered “pumping” I love my insulin pens. You inject, you eat and you forget about them until your next shot!!!

Hey Mike!
If you’re not happy with the pump then get out. It’s not for every one and it’s not the easy fix some people think it is. I keep considering one but many factors keep me away. The only one I am even considering is a tubeless but even that I’m not sure of. After 36 years my A1c’s are great, why fix what ain’t broke!! Try and stick with it for another 6 months and see if things get better, if not then switch back.

I was a pump user for 15 years. I switched to Lantus and Humalog and lost 25 pounds. With the pump all I did was feed the eat to feed the pump. The pump has some benefits but I feel better and healthier now. No more tubing and the pen needles are so small, injections are painless.

Mike…et al…

I thought about pumping a couple years ago. My nephrologist at the time said I did NOT need to go pumping as my A1Cs were great. I tend to run upper 5s to mid 6s.

My current routine is Lantus AM & PM with an equal 11u/11u split, some people
do better with other than an even 50/50 split. My current carb ratio ranges 1:12: to 1:15 (insulin:grams of carbs). What I need now is not the same as 6mo ago or 2 years ago, people and insulin needs CHANGE. Some diabetics NEED a different carb ratio for different times of day. Inuslin needs are NOT often stable for long periods of time, many have to re-test their basal rates and bolus ratios, some every few months!

Q? Do you KNOW how to test your basal rate, carb ratio and correction factor? That was one BIGGIE I learned a few years ago after switching from N & R to Lantus and Humalog.


Hi Everyone!
I’ve been D for 36 years and on shots, Lantus and Novolog now, I’ve considered the pump but probably won’t switch. I’m trying to figure out my insulin:carb ratio, and bolus ratios and all that stuff but I’m kind of lost. Can you get those figured out when on MDI?