Do you use insulin pens? Introduce yourself here!

This is a place to talk about the use of insulin pens.

I started using the Opticlik pen on April 2nd. I keep it in a carrier that has a pouch for a frozen cold pak but haven’t added the frozen pak yet. It really gets hot here in Florida in the warm months. I have a small hard case cooler in my truck for hot days and transporting my Apidra home from the pharmacy.

Do BD pen needles fit a Novopen or Novopen JR? Anyone know? I have a call into BD and to our nurse. Thx

Wow, I wish I had found you guys a few months ago. I had just started on the opticlik for lantus since I have to take 70 units at a time. It was a week of blood/black and blue marks trying to figure out how to use the darn thing. Being a typical male, I glanced at the instructions and went to work. Ouch. I finally got it down, but I refer to the unit as the Plunger and feel like I am committing hari kari when using it. Is this common or am I just a dolt.

Hi Sarah !
Why did you decide to stop using pump and start using pens?

I’m curious too Sarah…why the switch? Did you just feel you needed a break from the pump?

Sarah, Welcome to pen users… Its amazing to me how everyones treatment is different some love the pen some love the pump…Its all about comfort and control from what I have read… This site in my opinion helps us all feel more comfortable… Our daily struggles are share by all here … We have all had them but through sharing we all seem less alone…

Hello I use BD ultra-fine pens for my lantus pen and my Novolog Flex pen I like the pen it don’t hurt as bad as the needles did.

I would like to welcome Both LaCheryl and Charliesmom to the insulin pen users group!!! I actually use the Novolog and Levemir flex pens with bd 31g 8mm needles. I have been on insulin since July of 08 and have had good results with them. Feel free to ask questions I have learned a great deal from forums and the different people on the site. Good luck!!!


I love my pen! It’s much easier to use at school- I have trouble drawing up insulin. Does anyone know if the syringe is longer than the pen? My Lantus (in a syringe) hurts really badly, but the pen doesn’t hurt at all.

I think it depends on the gage size. Since I am fluffy, I need a longer needle. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t. Kind of a crapshoot. When I use the normal syringe it does tend to hurt more.

I started out on Humalog for fast acting and lantus for long acting. Now I’m only on Humalog 75/25 mix before breakfast & before dinner. LOVE this plan better than my old one

Good news! Novolog Flexpen has been improved so it is easier to use! If you were like me, you might have had trouble with the push button? Well, they must have heard me swearing! Check it out at the Novo Nordisk website to read about it and see the new pen.

I’m glad to see the improvement! -C

i use the Lantus Solostar Pen (42u), and the Novolog FlexPen (3X10u) dail and tried to save some money by purchasing those ‘Sure Comfort’ Pen Needles (cost $17.) since my BD needles from my insurance cost $24.95. Big mistake, no comparison on the quality, went back right away to the BD needles. I will probably have to go back to the syringe anyway, when my current supply of pens runs out.

I use the opticlik for lantus. It gets hard to push the button, but then again I am pushing 75 units into a little needle. I am in big trouble if I ever lose my thumb.

I just wanted to mention to John5032, don’t use a frozen cold pack in your little cooler. Ice packs, when frozen, can very quickly freeze your insulin, destroying it. Simply put the ice pack in your fridge and get it cool, not frozen. Then you can use it in the cool pack. You’ll have to change it a little more often, but at least you won’t ruin your insulin.

If you buy a few extra cool packs, you can keep them in your fridge and just switch them more often. That will keep your insulin cool without damage.

An alternative is to buy a Frio insulin wallet. They work by evaporation. I started using one 2 summers ago and even in hot humid heat waves, they still cool things off enough to work.

You can find them here… FRIO

I’ve been using my Autopen for 3 days now and still find it awkward. Its hard to get used to the button being on the side instead of the top, however, it IS a lot easier to get the shot in one handed this way. It’ll just take some getting used to, especially with my left hand, LOL!

The first 2 days I accidentally removed it before it was all injected and had to go again. You have to push down and make sure its finished, and since it doesn’t click its harder to tell.

I have to do two injections because the pen doesn’t dial up high enough. This is one drawback to using a pen. With a vial and syringe I could load it with my full dose in one go. However, I do find that have a pen is easier in other ways and I don’t have to worry about dropping the vial and breaking it. (I have nerve damage and drop things all the time).

For my NovoRapid I still use a Novopen 4 and love it. Its so easy to use and you can dial back if you make a mistake. Unfortunately, the Autopen doesn’t have this feature.

I use BD pen tips for all my pens. I started out with Novofine pen tips but they hurt so much and sometimes had barbs or would be defective. I find BD sharper, so they hurt less, and they have much fewer defective ones in each box.

I also use BD syringes when using Lantus from a vial and they are a good brand, so I’ll stick with them.

Carol, your turquoise pen is probably the Autopen 12 which is similar to the Autopen 24 that I use. Mine does bigger doses.

Has anyone ever had an issue with your pen pushing in too hard because you have to push the clicking button on the end? It usually doesn’t hurt unless this happens, then I feel like it can’t go in anymore, it needs to come out and it’s burning.

BD of course has discontinued the BD-Mini so the really useful one pen and 3 tips case is no longer avalible but there still is a promotion (as of trying to order it today). where they will send BD Pentip users a small zipcase with keychain ring for attaching to a zipper/pocketbook/other insulin case…A lot better than those blasted things collecting in your pockets (voice of experience here… three is NOT always enough for one day out)
Use their 800 number on the pentip box and ask about the pen tip case…