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Your daily forecast

Just like weather reports
Dire predictions have been wrong in the past and will be wrong in the future…

So don’t listen to those loons, who say, “What’s happening to the kids today? That green house gas will kill us all. And where’s the world going now? When are we getting there? Why and How? THE WORLD’S GOING UP IN FLAMES. APOCALYPSE NOW! REPENT! BE SHAMED. They’ll nuke each other. Let those a-bombs fly! Tooth for tooth; eye for eye! Stranger Danger! Crime’s on the rise. Don’t look that feller’ in the eyes. Those icebergs are gonna melt and half the world is too damn svelte. The other half is morbidly obese. The religious nuts will kill us all and two thirds of the world is in thrall. If AIDS doesn’t kill us, it’ll be the flu. Who wants a global pandemic or two? The world’s in retrograde, my dear.”


…As of now all dire predictions have been canceled.

Or fed up
Or is it another hypo
Sitting on a pavement
Head is splitting
The world is passing
The crazy world
When it will doze off
And go
Into a coma
And when
He, the world
Given sugar
Or honey
He will come around
To his senses
No wars
No hatred
Oh that world
The crazy world

comment on the so beautiful drawing by Danny

This is the first poem I ever wrote, it was in response to being diagnosed with diabetes, and the limitations that I felt were being imposed on me.


Once a little lost,
Now a little found
I trap myself in circles
Running round and round.

I trap myself in circles
Or set myself free
But sometimes I don’t think
It’s truly up to me.

I fly far and fast to escape the burden of this home
I wish to soar away, to think, and breathe, and roam.

But I always go back,
For I cannot deny
I feel like a chained bird
Trying to reach the sky.

My attachment to this world
Keeps me from being free,
As if trapped inside a cage,
I can’t feel, or breathe, or see.

And like the chained bird I look up to the sky,
And see the freedom I can’t have, and truths I can’t deny,

But perhaps it would be wisest,
To stop and look around.
There could be wonders here,
Lying unseen on the ground.

You are great April,waiting for more

Angels are crying, when the last heart beat has been dying, leaving behind such an empty space, no one can take your place. We’ll never again see your happy face, earth has become such a sad place. I can’t put words to my sorrow, but hopefully it will feel better by tomorrow. My eyes are crying and I just want to scream, how I wish this was just a bad dream. Unfortunately I’m awake, and the bad news today wasn’t fake. Gone forever from earth, but your memory and spirit will forever be with us.

R.I.P Jørn

The beginning of this came into my head on the train from work today. This day has been the worst day at work you can ever imagine. A workmate was found lifeless outside work after no one knows how many minutes since he collapsed. Every effort to bring him back failed and he was pronounced dead at hospital :’( It was one of the workmates I had very good contact with too! Just can’t believe he’s actually gone :frowning: He just went out to have a smoke after lunch, and for once he was alone in the smoking area outside. A while later he was found lifeless and as said, no one knows for how long he was gone before he was found…

Hello all, thank you Sohair for inviting me to join this group, I have only read a small portion of the groups work, but I like what I see. I look forward to sharing with you all!

Hello all, Sohair made me curious with her comment about writing poems so here I am.

A poem from Diagnosis Day.

The Jester King.

I once was the king,
The mistress,
The thing.

With tongue of liquor and lies,
Who could resist me?
Perched high on a throne of leather
And pine,
Your heart was my crown,
You tattered soul my scepter.

Amber and clear,
Clouds billowing with bliss,
The powders of white,
Stealing your kiss.

Wife or a mother?
The love of another?
No mind.
For my kingdom is temporary
Shame will not linger.

A thousand daggers shall bleed me,
Crimson and sweet
My strength pours from my flesh,
Weak is my body and soul.
My empire crumbles before me.

One more moment please?
One more moment as the King!
Off of my throne I have fallen drunk,
Laughter in their eyes,
Shame in mine.

I once was the King,
Now a Jester,


I once wished for a life changing event to happen to make me stop a certain “lifestyle” Watch what you wish for, right? Man, I was SO scared to go to sleep with diabetes.

It Was Only a Wish

Granted without warning,
Served on a dish,
It’s not what I wanted
It was only a wish.

To sleep without anger,
To sleep without pride,
To sleep without fear,
To sleep like I’ve died.

To wake in a week
A month or a year,
To open my eyes
To see your still here.

I will fall asleep,
I may never awake,
I can’t fall asleep,
This wish I can’t take.

Forbidding the slumber
Night after night,
The darkness surrounds me,
I wait for the light.

I asked for this wish
And still I complain,
I asked for this wish
Was I insane?

A moment defined
Was wish number two,
Another one granted
I asked, but who knew?

Defined by pleasure
Not pain was my thought,
This wish now consumes me,
I’m exhausted, distraught.

Last, but not least
Is wish number three,
And what did I wish for?
I can’t remember, we’ll see.

Now back in your lamp,
You bastard for this,
Take it all back
It was only a wish.


Type 1 at 31. Fear is a weakness to those that fear illness. Letting people know you’re scared can be a weapon used agianst you. I posted these 3 poems for those of you that may relate, and for those of you that may want to understand. Use them as you wish, i give my permission. Writing was a great way to deal with the fear of what I thought I was losing with my new diagnosis. I’d like to say it all has changed… But you know, we have good days a bad days. It would be nice to go back to the “pre-d” days even for a night of fear free sleep, prickless fingers, a GIAGANTIC martini and a slice of cake… without concerns, that is. Hope you enjoyed my submissions.

The Blacksmith

In a moment of weakness I handed you my sword.
To wield it against me would surely mean my death.
The blade has been honed and sharpened for years,
The grindstone my anger, the polish my tears.

What a fool to give you this weapon I was.
With blade strong as pride,
Edge sharp as tongue,
My armor is no match for your thrust.
On my knees I begged for your mercy.

Return to your sheath, my precious sword.
For it is your blade I fear to look upon.
From the furnace I drew you,
Folded you,
Pounded you,
The hand of another shall hold you no more.


looking down at the road
passing under my sole
this is where i am
looking up at the road
pulling me along
this is where im going
looking up to the heavens
providing me my journey
this is where i’ll end
my destination determined
i continue on my course
clear this miracle
injected in my soul

Thank you Sohair. I like to read poetry. It would be a very funny thing to read my first poem in English… with all my english mistakes but I’m going to write a poem in English. Oh la la!

For my first post, this is a song (it’s poetry still right?) titled "Sa May Bintana), translated as “Beside The Window”…

Everyday, patiently, I sit down by the window,
To catch a glimpse of you, even just the sight of your shadow.
Taking my chances, you’ll turn your head and see,
What is this I feel, what feeling could this be?

Day by day, I wait for you, expecting, by the window,
Hoping and praying, that you’ll still pass by this way today
Seems that my heart races whenever you I see,
Can this be love I feel, I feel deep inside?

I stay awake, thinking of you
Toss and turn, passing time by
In my dreams, you always are there

My day will never pass, without seeing you from my window,
Even for a quick glance, or just that wink I so delight for.
Whenever you pass by my way, I look at you, the world stands still…

Day by day, I wait for you, expecting, by the window,
Hoping and praying, that you’ll still pass by this way today
Seems that my heart races whenever I see you,
I know this is love, 'tis love I feel deep inside?

I stay awake, thinking of you
Toss and turn, passing time by
In my dreams, you always are there

My day will never pass, without seeing you from my window,
Even for a quick glance, or just that wink I so delight for.
Whenever you pass by my way, I look at you, the world stands still…

Beside the window…

Beside my window…

The day Adam & Eve felt happy

The synagogue lit all candles
The church bells rang sweetly
The mosque minarets echoed
God is great
The village woke up
For a mass prayer
The songs of praise
Filled the air
The moon smiled
The stars shone happily
Adam & Eve looked down
And blessed the village
They joined their children
Singing songs of praise

12 August 2008


Hi, here’s one that I wrote a little while ago:

Truth is,
A higher being came to meet me last night
And I fell down in shock and shame
I woke from dreaming
And tripped as I ran
Looking for meaning in this pain
I laugh aloud at shadows on the wall
While they whisper in my ear
Some secrets I can’t understand
But I act as though I can
And nod awhile to show what I don’t know
And walk off
Adorned with Purpose
Sadly lacking in what I comprehend.
But that’s how we all are in the end.
Like the hissing of snow on the roof
These cold and purple nights
My awe could keep me up all night
But I can’t hold to faith in morning’s light
I move from dreams to waking
Not knowing who I am
I don’t know if life some purpose
Or if its one great sham
These memories of memories
In which I drift and dream,
Rumble onward,
Always turning,
Truth is,
They aren’t what they seem.

In Morning Light

Who was I to know that happiness
Could not be given by another’s joy?
I thought that by pleasing you
I could be made whole.
And now I feel like a hollow shaft.
You hold that feather in your hand.
The geese are flying south for the winter.
See those wings in morning light?
Your eyes, they fluttered just the same way
As those wings when you cried.
Are you going south too?
Our dawn broke a long time ago.
I made a mistake in letting you go,
But you see, I hold onto nothing.
What we fear is what I seek to embrace;
I want to annihilate the sweet idea of self
So I can be lost in love
And never know regret’s ache.

Autumn Time
Autumn leaves everywhere,
Wind blowing through my hair.
Chilly air surrounding me,
Scurrying squirrels everywhere I see.

Beautiful sunset on the horizon,
The gentle-lit moon rising.
So beautiful the fall weather,
It keeps getting better and better.

Gentle rain coming down.
Puddles forming on the ground.
Autumn is finally here,
Hope it never leaves here.

That Gaze
He looks at me with those eyes
Those eyes that seem to haunt me
The look that is in my dreams, makes me cry
Why? I cannot see

I don’t know why he haunts me so
He’s the one that ended what we had
For this reason, I do not know
Every time I look at him, it makes me so sad

I can’t get his eyes out of my thoughts
Why does his stare stay in my head?
I’ve tried to get it out, I’ve fought and fought
But they stay in there instead

I can’t go on with his eyes every where
How can I get his gaze to leave?
They seem to always be there
I guess until they part I will grieve

Waiting until the day it leaves
What a great time that will be
Because I will finally receive
The freedom meant for me

Well, at first I thought I wouldn’t join this group, but I love poetry so I thought I would give it a try. If I can find what I have done with them I have several, but here is one of my most recent. Hope you like it.

Momma Taught Me God’s Love

My Momma always told me, "I love you very much!"
Even as I climbed atop her favorite China hutch.
My Momma always told me, "I love you all the time!"
Even when my clothes were covered in mud and dirt and grime.
My Momma always told me "I’ll love you forever more!"
Even when her rules and wishes I often did ignore.
My Momma always told me "I love you more each day!"
Even when I messed up big and turned her blue skies gray.
My Momma always told me, "God loves you more than I!"
That’s how I learned the love of God and that for me He died.