I encourage you all to express your inner most diabetes experiences in the ancient artform of Japanese Haiku poetry.

The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables.

I ask that you please follow the format and keep all poems diabetes related.

Here’s my example:

Error 3
Blood drips from the thumb
Touch strip early error tells
Meter not ready

Lunch bolus taken.
A peanut butter sandwich.
Highs make me cranky.

Insurance approved.
Navigator on its way!
Excitement abounds.

While I brushed my teeth.
My pump fell in the toilet.
It tugs at my side.

Infusion site hurts
Hope it lasts through the work day
No time to change it.

Tears ran warm and salty
He tasted his tears
and claimed they taste sweet!

Oh no, gotta pee!
Forgot to take insulin
But the cake was GOOD!

Basketball finished (5)
Reading is same as pre game (7)
I’m one twenty two (5)

Indian summer
Nuts and sweet apples
Long walk, warm sun, yellow leaves
BG, 92

Awesome! Congrats & can’t wait to hear about your experience with the new Navigator!

Ignorant people (5)
Food police make me cranky! (7)
Treat lows with candy! (5)

I thought that the pump
would make it easier to
control this damn thing

I must have forgot
that control is in my hands
if I pump or not

I like this one! So true!

Recovering from low
Sugar only forty-three
Must not over treat.

(Love this idea! I am kind of haiku-cuckoo.)

So tiring, this thing.
Alone with it for so long,
Time for company.

Insertion Site

A pinch of pink skin
Bulging between my fingers
Waits for the needle

We looked for support.
Welcome home, Emma! :slight_smile:

Oh… thank you so much! I’m touched. =)


An eager needle
At the end of the syringe.
This might hurt a bit


Insert strip and code.
Watch for the sign. Now. It’s time
For its drop of blood