Do you........?

ever use your thumbs to take a BG sample? (I find myself not using my index fingers either - don't know why - my other fingers are so hole-y)

wash your hands or use alcohol before BG sample? (rarely, unless I have touched something that may alter the #)

lick your finger after a BG sample? (always - I don't know why I ever started that)

Just curious to see if others have bad habits like I do?

or use alcohol before you inject? (I never did, but now that I am ont he pump, I do use alcohol before insertion)

Now lets see…

Nope…I use all my other finger pads except the thumbs. I think I tried it once but I found it painful so I never used it again. But I do understand what you meant by our fingers being…hole–y. Mine is more evident when soaked in water for a long time…

I wash my hands with soap and water…I find that alcohol , when I use it often, dries my skin.

Nope…always have a cotton ball ready…or a Kleenex. I heard though that a lot of us does lick their finger after.

rarely clean my finger before i test…unless i just ate fruit with my hands (or a candy bar or something:lol)

never use my thumbs or pinky fingers.

always like my finger after a poke.

never use the alcohol swab before injection…ouch.

All digits are subject to abuse and none are allowed to shirk from their duties, however I have given individuals a repreive if they haven’t been as forthcoming with the goods as they used to. Washing is my preferred method although alcohol is acceptable if soap and water isn’t available. As for licking, I’m part vampire . . .not wasting the good stuff.

I never use my thumb, the skin is too thick requiring the lancet to be turned up to “ice pick” range and it hurts like *&^^#. I always wash my hands, but I will tell my secret, I only wash my FUT (Finger Under Test). Sometimes in a pinch, when I am fasted and in a bind, I’ll suck on my FUT to “clean” it. I never use alcohol, and I’ve never had an infection from a test site on my FUT. I always lick my FUT after testing it, I don’t want to waste any source of protein in my diet.

I must be odd because I use my thumbs & it doesn’t hurt any more than the other fingers.

Wash my hands. Never use alcohol. Too drying.

Yep, I lick afterwards.

I use my thumbs. They are the best place. It doesn’t hurt and they bleed well. Some of my other fingers are “dry wells.”

Never use my index or thumb.

I used to lick my finger, but in high school kids made fun of me for being a vampire, so now I wipe it on my meter case - that thing is covered in blood. I mean, if my dog’s in the same room as my meter case, he’ll head straight towards it and lick the bloody area until I take it away (and then he looks really sad, as if I’ve deprived him of a piece of steak or something).

Don’t wash my hands, unless (at others said) I just dipped them in juice or something (a trick I learned on here). Sometimes I’ll lick my finger before I test, figuring any sort of liquid is better than the sugar substance already there.

I almost never use my index fingers… I do use my thumbs a fair bit :slight_smile:

I use alcohol only to clean my skin of any oils before inserting a set or sensor… I’ve never had a site infection (ever), but I do have a problem with things not sticking well, so every little thing I can do helps.