Who else uses an alcohol spray bottle instead of swabs?

That litter from the swabs. No thanks.


Doing my shot right now. Just sprayed the top of the bottle. Should be dry now. This is the way to go. Have one at work and my gym locker to as well as home.

I never use alcohol.


I stretch my insulin past the expiration I don’t want bacteria in there so the top gets sprayed.

Also poking my fingers. I have gotten little infections from poking dirty hands. The gym everyone’s hands on the same stuff always spray fingers if I test there.

I usually do the injection without alcohol though. Skin under my cloths not dirty and the needle should be clean. It better be !

I wash my hands when water is available. I guess I take my chances at the gym which is a little dumb I admit. I almost always give my shots through my clothes. I have never had an infection, but I might just be lucky.

Me too half the time at home. Otherwise the spray then wipe on the inside of my shirt if I am to inpatient to wait for it to dry. The 91% is so much better drys a lot faster.

I never wipe my fingertips with alcohol for testing. I almost never wipe the top of a bottle with alcohol. If I haven’t showered recently, at set change time, I’ll swipe my skin with an alcohol swab as a handy cleaning method. I wouldn’t spray alcohol inside the house. I use a spray bottle of alcohol strictly for shop use, when other solvents aren’t appropriate.

When I would do injections thru clothes it always stung. Must have been some residue on the clothes? It was bothersome enough that I was reluctant to do it.

I feel just the same way about bare skin. :grin:

LOL! You have residue on your skin? HAHA. just kidding

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I used to use a spray bottle.

But for the last five years or so, I’ve made no attempt to disinfect fingertips or injection sites, and have suffered no ill effects. I guess that my skin is so filthy that any microbes that fall on it die instantly.

While we’re on the subject of alcohol: Where I live, you can buy it in small bottles in a pharmacy or much larger bottles in stores selling home nursing supplies, etc. The unit price for the pharmacy alcohol is about ten times the price, for the identical alcohol. Watch out!