Doctor's Appointment

I recently saw my D doctor.I am taking Levothyroxine for hypothyrodism.He was going to increase it until I told him I was taking it with all my other meds.I started taking it separately 3 days ago and started noticing high blood sugars where I was always within my target range before.Should I just readjust my insulin levels or do 1 hormone pill every other day?I think I may be getting too much tsh, as I think that is the reason for my high blood sugars

Readjust your insulin. Thyroid supplementation frequently raises BG. Thyroid needs to be taken every day, a needed hormone. TSH is high when T4 when is low, so taking less levothryroxine won't lower your BG & it's not TSH effecting your BG anyway. This is a wonderful site for thyroid info

Levothyroxine is T4 only. T4 is converted to T3. Many do far better on natural dessicated thyroid (Armour, Nature Throid, Erfa, WP Thyroid) which contains T4 & T3 because it's common to have problems converting T4 to T3.

Thanks for the reply.I have adjusted my insulin in the last couple of days.Today after btreakfast I was a little elevated add I did a correction and it brought me done pretty nicely.I will have to retest my basal rates.How much of an increase do you usually need,like10%?

Usually around 10%, but of course everyone's different. Best to take thyroid on an empty stomach. I take an hour before breakfast.