Doctors slow to switch diabetes treatment when drugs don't work

Please ignore their word choice… But this is concerning! Why wait until the A1c is high to recommend the appropriate medication?

On the other hand, I do LOVE this quote:
“Patients should empower themselves by checking their blood sugars daily, knowing what their target blood sugar levels should be, and having regular appointments with their doctor,” Arguello added. “If patients have blood sugars above their target blood sugar levels then this may be a warning sign that they need to talk with their physician on how to take a different approach in managing their diabetes.”

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I am writing this from a type 1 view point and also one who has talked with many people with type 2.
From a type 1 stand point there wasn’t a lot of options, just types of insulin. But I have been very lucky to have a doctor who was willing to try all the new medications type 1’s have available now and some that are off label for type 1.
But I do think some doctors don’t push a more aggressive treatment plan is many don’t want it. They incorrectly think they have failed. I think the medical professionals need to help people understand that their lack of “good”numbers is not so much them as the nature of the beast. Diabetes is a progressive disease. Many will see things change and not always for the good.
Many that I have talked with who have stated insulin, after they get the hang of it, can’t believe how much better they feel. I think if the professionals pushed the fact, that it is not their failure, it’s just the way of the disease and they will feel so much better, they may get a better by in.
It really is how it is worded, I think. And as always we are a daily experiment in the making. So make it happen!