Let me know your goals/Best question your doctor can ask

I will once again say how blessed I have been over my 46 years with diabetes. I have had some really great doctors. And it is even better when you have two great endocrinologist working with you at the same time. I am part of a research clinical trial and of course my own endo. And my email to both of the, last week was asking about maybe a different drug to add to my treatment plan. And here is what I heard from them both; “Let me know your goals.” “A1C is great so what are you most hoping to improve?” And hard to believe "What is bothering you the most about your diabetes?"
With both never heard, this is what you should be doing, never heard no I don’t think that is right for you, never heard things are great why bother. It was so great to hear they both felt I was doing well and I guess I really am. I really do need to pull back a little and enjoy what few successes we have when dealing with diabetes.
But they both listened, heard what I was looking for, talked about all the options (and here are a lot), got good and bad on all options and I made my choice. It was a 2 way street and we all listened and talked and walked away with maybe a new drug to add to the insulin.
Just again wanted to state that diabetes is a team effort. All sides need to be in the discussion. And if you are having problem or issues with something that is challenging for you, your team needs to know. So again, thank goodness for those great doctors who listen and understand and don’t force people into treatment plans that just won’t work for them. Thanks again all you great, caring doctors and care givers out there. They are why I’m still here doing so well.