Doctor's Visit

I just had a horrid doctors visit.

A few weeks ago, I had one of those fast a1c tests done at a safeway clinic. The little machine that spits back a result in 6-10 minutes.

It came back as 4.8, which is awesome. Non-diabetic numbers, which is what I shoot to achieve. That’s an average blood sugar of about 4.7 (85), which matches what my meter tells me.

Today at the doctors, I get my lab results. The doctor (who seemed slightly confused about whether he was reading this years result or last years) said I was at 6.0. He called this a ‘perfect’ number. Like hell.

He also said that last year I was at 5.3. I’m really really thinking he
got the years mixed up, and I’ll confirm that with my gp in a month. Last year I was eating twice as many carbs as I am this year and not exercising, and seeing higher numbers on my meter.

He told me that I don’t need to worry about my a1c anyway, because I’m not diabetic, I just have PCOS.

Reminder here: this is supposed to be my diabetes specialist.

An a1c of 6.0 is an averrage blood sugar of 7.5 (135). I don’t get numbers over 6.5 on my meters more than once or twice a month.

So either I believe my doctor, or my meter.

I’m going with the meter, and when I can, a new doctor. I’m incredibly proud of keeping my numbers in the non diabetic range. I don’t want a doctor telling me that I don’t need to worry about blood sugars.

I may not have type 2, but I’m on the path. I’m doing everything I can to not move further down it.

Sounds like this genius might have given you someone else’s test results!

If you have been testing after meals your meter has been giving you good news all along, I’d trust the meter.

But A1cs can be very weird when your blood sugars stay in the normal range. I’ve gotten a couple that were much higher than corresponded to anything I saw on my meter and I know someone who actually wore a CGMS for a few months after getting a 6.5% and never saw anything that would have corresponded with that, either.