A1C Results

My a1c went from 6.9 to 6.8! It is always so exciting when you expect your a1c to go up, and instead it goes down instead! I was definitely not expecting that. I guess I am doing something right after all!


Awesome job! Mine is high but I’m hoping I can bring it down with my new Cgm. So far so good. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Our son (age 2) was diagnosed Feb of this year. Upon diagnosis, he was 13.something. One month after diagnosis, after on Insulin, he was 8.something. Then he went up from there to 9.something. Now, according to our Dexcom G5 Clarity app (we haven’t gotten the ‘updated’ 3 month A1C yet), he is at 7.7. We are about to get him on the pump next week and we hope to get down into the 6’s ourselves.

Gratz on your accomplishment!

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Type 2 here diagnosed 7 years ago at 12.0. Finally broke the 6 barrier,last lab 5.6!
Diet and exercise only no meds :wink:


Congrats!! Nothing like a good surprise to make your day.

Way to go. Keep up,the good work.

I’m always pleased when my A1C report goes in the “right” direction, especially when I anticipate it won’t.
I just had a positive report myself a couple weeks ago, mine dropped from 6.8 to 6.3, the lowest I’ve seen since being diagnosed as T1 several years ago.

Congratulations on your positive report!!!


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Well, my blood draw did everything but my A1C! Hello…who is the scapegoat here? The person who drew my blood or my Dr for not writing it down maybe? As is, she is gone studying medicine in another state and I have a new Dr that I can say I am very impressed with!
If you may remember me notating that I had jury duty and the old dr would not write me a release… I sometimes am in the bathroom 6 times in one hr…hello… My new Dr said that I can skip my morning dose and go for a week with just my evening dose of metformin (non time release) and that you are not that bad that you can’t skip 1/2 a dose for a week. As it was, my jury duty started Tuesday after Labor Day and each day they had no jury trial in session…so no jury duty all week for me…I was so relieved… ( I had not spoke with my new Dr about the issue, so I was really sweating each day!).
Was quite happy with other discussions on other areas of testing That I can have and I was never informed of by my other Dr. My new Dr seems very knowledgeable about diabetes and high cholesterol and told me I should be taking a baby aspirin a day to avoid stroke.
Doing a happy dance with all these results and getting a very knowledgeable Dr to boot! She told me we could wait for 3 months for my A1C as my daily number that particular day was ok!

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