Anyone who has read any blog posts I have put up about doctors probably understands that we don't always see eye to eye or agree that I AM trying and doing my best. It has always been that they know what's best and that's that just accept it and move on. For 6 years I've been waiting for a doctor to say what my Endo doctor told me the other day. I had not seen him specifically in about 2 years, I typically see just a PA in his office. Since she had moved to another practice and I hadn't seen him in so long I got to see him the other day. I knew that I was also seeing my general physician in a few days so I thought I would let them both know that I am not wanting to see my liver doctor anymore, she was putting incorrect statements on my record, that I had to call and tell her to correct, and then corrected it to something she has NEVER mentioned to me before and when I said that she sent me research on it and it is all stuff she has mentioned but never gave it a diagnosis. So I decided that if she is going to a lack of attention to detail I can't feel comfortable with her giving me advice. He was totally ok with this! When I told my general physician she was a little worried about it but I agreed that if my labs are all still bad enough that she wants me to talk to a liver doctor then I will just go see someone else in town.

Basically this post is a way for me to say Thanks Endo Doctor for saying what I've wanted a doctor to say for about 6 years. That I'm the one in charge because I have to live with it everyday and he is just there for advice. My diabetes is about me not about my doctors. For the last 6 years I feel like I have been defending myself saying I AM trying, things ARE changing and they DON'T happen overnight and finally my doctor agreed with me. My general physician didn't have much to say to me because I had everything else under control. She ran some blood work which I'm happy to have her do because her lab techs are the BEST in town. Everywhere else I've had blood draw they complain that my veins are too small and they poke me multiple times. At her office its in/draw blood/out and I barely even notice that they have done it.

Anyway its a baby step but maybe I am starting to come around on doctors... not all of them but some of them.