The Endo

I am happy. I feel relieved. I have found a doctor I can work with! It was almost as if he had read my rant on what I wanted from a doctor/patient relationship. He listened. He let me ask questions. He was thorough and did an examination of my body - right down to asking me about my pubic hair (!?! Does anyone have any ideas what that was about? He wanted to know if I have pubic hair growing down my thighs). He’s doing all the tests (I didn’t even have to bug him for them). He’s even doing thyroid tests. He increased my prescription for test strips so I don’t have to buy them out of pocket any more, and gave me a prescription for Lantus and Novorapid/Novolog. He was impressed that I knew what the GAD 65 was, and how the C-peptide worked to different endogenous and exogenous insulin. Like my previous doctor and Dov, he questioned whether I actually have diabetes since my control is pretty good, BUT, unlike my previous doctor he listened when I explained that my pp readings were about 10 (180) without insulin, and that if I went off my diet my sugars go crazy after eating.

In terms of diagnosis, he’s thinking:

  1. Type 1, honeymoon
  2. Monogenic/MODY
  3. Type 2

But we’re waiting for the test results now to clear up the picture, and I will see him again on 12 December. In the mean time, he’s told me to stop following my low GI, 30 g carbs per meal diet, to just eat healthily and take insulin to cover the carbs as I need to. I probably shouldn’t admit this in public, but I had croissants for supper last night! I have been craving them for over a week, and after the endo’s recommendations I decided to indulge.

I am happy you feel happy and at ease with your doctor Megan.You deserve a good one.

That is GREAT! Isnt it such a great feeleing to see a dr. that you like, and listens, and answers your questions. Who is thoughtful and you feel like they are doing what they should be doing to find out what is going on? Its like a cloud and a weight are both taken off of your shoulders! Its AMAZING. I am so glad for you. My daughter was so happy when the dr. lifted her diet as well and told her that she could even eat sugar! We just have to make sure that we are covering the carbs with the right amount of insulin. I think to start off though we still need to stay within a range of carbs to get the dosage right. Todday will be the hardest.
Good Luck! It sounds like you are on the right track!

Yes, it is wonderful to have a doctor that you really like, and does right by you! I love my doctor too! He’s awesome!

Even though my dietitian gave me a 45g carb per meal plan (even though I’m on insulin), I rarely even eat that many carbs! I usually eat about 30g or so, per meal. Maybe old habits die hard? LOL But, I do indulge every so often! IF I want those cookies, or a slice of cake or pie, I know that I can take insulin to cover that. And, if I don’t get the dose quite right (happens! LOL) I know that I can take more insulin to correct the high!

Even before I went to this doc (I’d been previously a year without a doc and this was before I was on insulin) I’d researched myself, and learned of the carb intake that a female T2 should have, which was about 45g, but still rarely ate that much, and I had huge issues with my BG if I were to eat that many carbs at a meal! As my Diabetes got worse (if that’s how you’d put it! LOL) I was limiting those carbs more and more, with out much success of keeping my BG in range. Boy was that frustrating!

Then I finally went to this awesome doc (both my sisters see him too, which is how I found him. One has Graves Disease [thyroid disease], and the other has T2 Diabetes) we discussed what I was dealing with, and he put me on insulin. It’s been awesome! Best thing ever to happen with my Diabetes! I wish I’d been started out on insulin! As time has gone on, my insulin requirements have increased some, and from what I’ve been told, will continue to do so.

I wish I could get the GAD and C-Peptide tests done! I also believe that I might be MODY or LADA. With SO much Diabetes in my family, on my Dad’s side, there has to be something hereditary about it all!! BIG family, LOTS of Diabetics! Just TOO coincidental, in my opinion! But, since I’ve no insurance, I cannot afford the tests. I know my treatment would not change any, but, I would just like to know, and to make sure I’ve been properly diagnosed. Not diagnosed as T2 most probably based mostly on my weight issues! (That’s frustrating, for sure!)

Good luck, and enjoy your food freedom! LOL

Why did he ask you about the pubic hair? Do you know now exactly what type of diabetes you have?