Does anybody else

use more than one meter? My Rx meter only allows one test a day. So got another. A Relion not that that probably matters.

This morning for the first time. I used both meters for my morning/fasting BG. One gave a reading of 175. The other gave a 124 reading. I was amazed by the spread.

I decided to try control solution that came with the first one. One reading was 68 the other was 46. I just don’t know what to think here.

For what it’s worth. Physically and psychologically. I’m feeling like the 124 reading was the more accurate. I feel totally different when it’s high.

I have a total of 5 different meters I use because you must test many times during the day with an insulin pump. Anyway, most of my meters are One Touch, I just have one of them that’s not a One Touch and it’s very small, I only use it maybe 2 to 3 times a month. I also use the same batch of strips, I get 5 boxes of 200 every 3 months. When you see this much change in your readings, and the control solution was okay, throw that batch of strips in the trash, they are no good! I always pitch the strips that show high readings, it seems to work for me… Let me know how it all works out for you?

Thank you for replying. The strips I’d be pitching I’d have to wait three months to get a refill on. So, I can’t see doing that. They are very expensive to replace on my own. I’ve used them for a few weeks now and have had no reading like this morning. In fact. I don’t think I’ve had a reading as high as 175 in the nearly four months since DX. Also, until this morning. I haven’t had anything to compare it’s readings to.

If that test was an anomoly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Thomas. For awhile I had two meters because I had to buy a new one in Guatemala because I couldn’t find Accuchek test strips. I got some strips and would try using both meters occasionally. I didn’t get any readings as disparate as that, but basically I drove myself nuts. I would suggest picking one meter you feel confident with and can get enough strips for (I assume that is what you meant by only testing once a day on that meter) and put the other one away in a drawer somewhere.

I use Freestyle Lite and Agamatrix WaveSense Jazz. I never see such a large spread in readings. I think 175 vs. 124 is too much of a difference to be reliable. Not sure which brand you use but if your insurance can cover it, any way to switch to Freestyle Lite or WaveSense as I’ve calibrated them against lab blood tests and they were only 2-5 points off. If not, you can take your BG using those two meters right before your next lab test and see which one is more accurate.

I have used other brands like Advocate and Accuchek, both gave me some wildly different results. Sometimes one meter gave me 20-30 point difference even though I use the same blood from the same finger, within 2 seconds. Hmmm.

I have 4 meters, 2 one-touch and 2 BD-branded. Within brands the readings are similar (within 5-10% of each other), between brands they get pretty far off on the higher or lower they go - the One Touch meters read higher at the high end and lower at the low end. Yours are pretty far off. Next time you go to get lab work done, bring your meters and right before or after the lab takes your blood, do a check with the meters - find out which agrees with the lab.
Your numbers would really bother me - 124 I’d be happy with 175 I’d do something about, 68 I’d be OK with (but I wouldn’t do any exercise or anything), 46 I’d be madly treating with candy! So, the inconsistencies you are getting would be hard for me to manage.
You might want to do them both again, at least make sure that they are internally consistent with themselves.

Thanks for the replies folks. I just did a check two hours after breakfast. The 124 has gone to 136. That’s the Relion meter. I like those numbers. Won’t be checking with the other meter until tomorrow morning.

The Rx meter is a Prodigy Autocode. It was the only one until the other day. It’s reading for the control solution was correct.

Most likely it was a fluke. Those low numbers I posted were with control solution. Not real readings with blood.

I did use the same sample for the real numbers. Had both meters ready to go before using the lancet.

Sorry your doctor won’t give you an Rx to test more.

Meters are allowed a ± margin of error of 20%. Inaccurate. You’ll go nuts comparing readings from two different meters. Hope you can convince your doc to increase your strip allotment.

I never use the control solution. To me, it’s just wasting a strip. The control solution test for different meters will be different. It will be different from one container of strips to the other if they have different codes.

Call the meter manufacturer. I had an experience where I checked my BG and it said 46. At first i paniced a little and was about to take a teaspoon of sugar, then realized I didn’t feel 46. I took it again with the same meter, then was a 152. Again, and was 215. Took it with another meter I had and was 147. Needless to say, I called they sent a replacement meter and test strips. They asked me to mail the meter and strips I was currently using back to them (postage was included with the replacement meter). Contacting the manufacturer and explaining the problem and letting them investigate, might help all other users of that meter, as it might identify a systemic problem with either the meter or the lot the test strips came from, and trigger a recall.

Good idea. It’s like I said. I was going by how I felt. I didn’t feel like I knew I would if it was actually 175.

I reread the instructions for the Relion meter. It says that after setting the meter up. to not test before using the control solution first. I now remember that at the home medical supply store. The guy did that too. I thought it was just part of the demo.

You might know, the only control medium I have is for the Prodigy. None in the kit for the Relion. You’d think the person working in the pharmacy would have mentioned it while I was buying everything else.

I bought a Relion for the same reasons. Used it once, tossed it aside. It was horribly different. I can’t even remember the spread. I’d watched my numbers come down, over the course of 3 weeks, steady. I was learning to predict what meals did for me, or rather to me. The Relion was so far off what I’d come to know, that I knew it was utter crap. Just my experience. Maybe some people had good luck. I have an Accu chek Aviva, and I’ve learned to buy my strips on amazon for 22 dollars for 50. I can supplement the measly 2 tests a day my insurance pays for this way. With accuracy. Although the longer I’ve been testing, the more confident I am about my daily numbers and what food does what to me, so I sometimes do test just twice.

More good info. Yet the user reviews I read sang Relions praises. I did like it’s numbers better. lol

Well said Gerri! I NEVER use 2 meters at the sametime waaaaay to confusing!

I promise you that most people don’t use the test solution. All it shows is that meter falls within the range stated on the strip container. After using the test solution countless times, I never ever had strips not fall within range. Nurse in my endo’s office has been a T1 for over 40 years, she’s told me to stop wasting strips with the test solution. My CDE (certified diabetic educator) said the same thing.

It’s a road to insanity:)

I have two meters, one was supposed to be a back up, just in case something happened to the larger meter. BUT, I have since put the mini-meter in my purse, so that I can take it out anytime and use it. My main meter I use for my FBS and night time testing…it fits into a program at my doc’s office and they can record those two, with me bringing in the numbers on paper from the mini meter.

Good to know. Thank you. I don’t need to be wasting test strips. But did use both again this morning. The Relion showed 115. The other meter was 152.

It’s so frustrating. I haven’t been over 140 for three months now. Usually low 1teens or 120’s. I’m eating the same as I did from the start. I’m sure if I could exercise more. It would be a big help.

If I get a reading I think is way off, I retest. Then I try the control solution. I know strips are expensive but sometimes a strip is bad. Other times the whole vial is bad and the manufacturer will send you a replacement vial, depending on the manufacturer.

I bought the reli on when I was out of town and ran out of strips. All of the strips were locked up except for those. I got a meter and 20 strips for $10, plus a $10 rebate. I tested it against my onetouch and found the numbers to be pretty consistent.

And will take you there FAST!!!