Does anyone have a diabetic Endo?

I’m just curious if anyone out there (and there are almost 1,000 of us now–WOOT!) has or ever has heard of an Endocrinologist or diabetes doc of some type who actually HAS type 1 (or 2) diabetes!!! I’m thinkin’ there must be some out there, but the closest I’ve ever come is a diabetes educator with type 1.

I’d LOVE to go to an Endo who actually HAD type 1, but it must be pretty rare. Anyone know of any sweet (pun indended) diabetic Endos or docs out there?

There are many endos who treat diabetes. IN MY OPINION, this is the best route to take. Now an endo who has diabetes, I’m not sure how to find him / her. An endo specialist is in my opinion more up to date on treatment. They work with it more often and tend to be a bit more agressive with treatment. For example, I was talking to someone the other day who has had diabetes for many years and asked his method of treatment. He said, I treat it with Diet and Exercise. I also asked him what his A1C is and he said, 7.0. This seems a bit high and I would think an endo would take a more agressive approach and treat him with oral medications also. So, what can I say. I was lucky to have a doctor who just happens to be an endo way before I was diagnosed. So therefore, I only go to one Dr. On the other hand you can switch from a general practioner to an Endo and use him / her as your primary Dr.

After about 34 years of diabetes and not knowing what a carb, insulin/carb ratio, normal bgs range ,or MDI were, I went to my first endo, who was a Type 1. He changed my insulin immediately and gave me a quick talk about carbs, reading labels, and set me on my way with a 1:15 carb ratio, and I left his office basicly, still clueless. It was a nightmare ride of 6 months, seeing a CDE, going on the MM CGMS for 3 days and bgs fluctuating widely. When I tried to talk to him about it and how awful I felt and did not understand what I was doing and was told that if I could not handle the CGMS, I could never go on the pump, I became an emotional wreck. I talked to him one other time on the phone and was crying as my bgs were all over the place, he told me to quit being so emotional, as my last A1C was great. Still being clueless and feeling awful with this new insulin of ultralente, humalog and nph at bedtime and not knowing I could mess with the 1:15 carb ratio, I called my internist of many years and told her how awful he was and that he was a Type 1. She talked to me on the phone on a Friday night for 20 minutes listening to my fears of the unknown and said I could return to my old NPH and regular and to come see her. She recommended Lantus and humalog, where it took me another 6 months to figure out I needed to split the dosages as Lantus was new when I started on it and was not known to not last 24 hours, and to see a new CDE. Well two endo’s later, I finally found one that gets things, and he is not Type1, and I told him about the splitting of the lantus and they wrote it down to tell others.

Bottom line the Type 1 endo was a nightmare and I have met up with another diabetic that saw him as well and she ended up in the hospital with kidney issues after his diabetic care for her. I think we are our own best doctors and I have learned much more from the internet and from trial and error, now that I know I can mess around with things.

Clueless no longer,


wow! So interesting. I guess I shouldn’t automatically assume that an Endo with type 1 is the best best. Thanks for sharing your story!

Thanks, Judith! I appreciate it so much! I’ll track it down. Cheers!

My Endo…is a full tilt T1. He has been my Endo for 20 years. William J. Hall. Diabeties and Endocrin Center in Orlando.

Great guy and even greater doc.


My Endo has a wife that has Diabetes… Does that count??? There’s one in Wichita, Ks His Clinic is Mid-American Diabetes… I forgot his name… It’s on Hillside…

My endo does not have diabetes but she specializes in diabetes treatment and so far she has been a great doctor so no complaints there. The diabetes nurse I talk takes care of her T2 diabetic father and several of her family members have T2 diabetes so I actually feel pretty safe as all the information she’s given me tallies with what I’ve read and talk to people online about.

I had an internist who had type 1. He had a pump; it was awesome. :slight_smile:

Dr. Irl Hirsch (University of Washington School of Medicine) has been a Type-1 since age 6. I’ve not been to him, but I’ve read of his work. My local Medtronic rep is a Type-1 who uses the same pump and CGMS as me.

But when it comes down to it, a reasonably knowledgeable Doctor that I can relate well with is more important to me than the Doctors own medical condition. If he/she is willing to work with me rather than try to be an authority over me, that’s a good thing IMO.

For awhile both my doctor and my CDE were type 1 diabetics. I never saw my endo that much, I only saw her for 2 appts, but she was nice and a pumper too. She is based in Portland, Oregon, name is Elizabeth Stevens.

My CDE is Gary Scheiner, and I’m pretty sure most people know who he is. If not, check out

The first one I thought of was Dr. Lois Jovanovic. In the early 80’s she and her husband wrote a book called The Diabetes Self-Care Method, which introduced the concept of MDI’s. At the time my internist didn’t think it was necessary, so I used the formula in the book and got myself started (see----who needs a dr - ha!) Dr. J. was one of the early pumpers. She has appeared on a couple of the DLife clips.
Then there is Dr. Peter Lodewick, who wrote A Doctor Looks at Diabetes - His and Yours.
And, of course, Dr. Steve Edelman who travels the country with his “Take Charge of Your Diabetes” workshops.
And, Dr. Richard Bernstein, who went to medical school in his 40’s just so he’d have the credibility to support his discoveries on normalizing bloog sugars with a low carb diet.

All of these people, because they themselves have db, possess a deep, soulful commitment to help others. Their dedication is admirable.

Yes, we need more - many more - people with db on the frontlines. I am tired of healthcare providers who just don’t get it (but practicing every day to be more tolerant.)

Hi. My daughter’s endo is a type 1 diabetic - Dr. Richard Bernstein out of Mamaroneck, NY. He’s fantastic - I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve always wanted a doc with type 1!

I have type 1 and I’m going to med school next fall. Does that count? :wink:

In my book it does. Will you practice near Chicago? :wink:

My endo has type 1, and I adore him. I’ve had other endos who I dreaded seeing because I struggled with them. But he always has plenty of time to talk, and energizes me to deal with everything. Last week, I had one of those frustrating times when your bloodsugar shoots really high for no reason you can figure out. I saw my doctor yesterday, and he laughed when he saw the number in my log. He understands that there’s no perfect. I think the advantage of an endo with type 1 is that he has first-hand experience with the frustration of trying to reach a tight goal with imperfect tools in an imperfect world.

Hi! My first endo was dx. with type 1 since at 8 y/o. She was AWESOME Jennifer McAffee was her name(she was in Bellingham, WA and still practices there). She was my endo from the time I was Dx at 16 and until I moved away from WA 7 years ago. I am 32 now. Anyway, She was fabulous and I actually thought of going on to be an endo (mainly b/c of how much she & her team helped me) while I was in nursing school, but ended up waiting it out and then ended up getting a job as a Diabetes Education Coordinator (fancy word for the only DE at the small town hospital but I have A LOT of patients (: and do everything related to diabetes at the hospital & clinic)

Awesome! It’s good to know there out there. Now if I could only find a good diabetes doc/Endo in Taipei, I’d be all set.

One of my son’s CDE’s is type 1 if that counts, but oddly enough I don’t like her. She did the whole “how far along are you” comment that fluffy girls hear when she saw me-and I’m not pregnant lol.

When will people learn to not ask that question! I say unless you see the baby on its way out (or if someone volunteers the info), it is forbidden. A friend of mine had not announced her pregnancy yet, and a co-worker walked over to her and said, “You know your REALLY pregnant don’t you.” Unbelievable!