Does anyone heard or knew somebody getting cured of Diabetes II?

I am just curious if anybody heard or personally knew of anyone getting cured by diabetes 2?I attended last year a free seminar about natural way of healing and one a lady gave her testimony of getting cured by becoming a vegetarian and using the natural herb being sold by one Dr. Tam Mateo. Their office address is in Pasig city.
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The seminar you went to is a rip off that preys on gullible people who don’t know much about medical matters.

Vegetarian diets are the worst possible diets for people with diabetes because they are high in carbohydrates which raise blood sugar and make diabetes worse, plus the protein sources are high in soy which slow down the thyroid and can make any autoimmune issues worse.

Thank you Jenny for you reply. I Just thought if it is really possible?Now I know better.

Dear Ramon.

Until death does us part. There is a slight hope for a cure. With science you never know advances are unpredictable but sometimes astonishing progress can be made. Stay away from the charlatans.

About 40 years ago, my brother was taking insulin. He went to Bible College. While there, he ran out of money so stopped taking insulin. When he came home for Christmas vacation, his doctor told him to just keep doing what he was doing.

Yes, hopefully when it come, we are still alive.Hahaha. Added you as my friend.

Wow! This is great news.Thank you for sharing.

Forty years ago, the standards for diagnosing and treating diabetes were far different from what they are today.

Your brother was not cured. Maybe he was misdiagnosed. Maybe he was walking around with the extremely high blood sugars that doctors considered fine for people with diabetes until the DCCT trial in 1991 found that those high blood sugars were what was causing heart attack, blindness, kidney failure, etc.

Anyone diagnosed with diabetes today may be able to get off insulin but only by making dramatic changes to their carbohydrate intake and weight. If they do that they are STILL DIABETIC. They are diabetic but in excellent control.

A family tried to pray their child with Type 1 diabetes healthy last year and killed her.

Prayer is useful in its place but its place it NOT to substitute for appropriate treatment for diabetes.

I agree. Faith has its place, and definitely does knowledge. Say, you pray to be cured yet you continue downing Coke…that ain’t the way…

Right Vanni. But here is another site that says Dr. Tam Mateo’s tea is effective.

Thanks for calling me Vanni! That is actually my childhood nickname.

I have a lawyer friend who is your namesake and his nick is Vanni. By the way, I am now waiting for my medical bracelet which I won from ebay.

I was going to respond and then not and then again. It’s a hot subject. I have been told that you CAN cure T2 diabetes by losing the weight that caused it in the first place and eating properly. It is CURED according to good sources. Of course, you can find “good sources” to pronounce anything. Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI


Type 2 is NOT caused by weight. It is strongly genetic in nature, and the genetic underpinnings are worsened by exposure to common toxins in our food, water and air like pesticides, PCB, and plastics like Bisphenol-A. 80% of the obese never become diabetic. Thin relatives of people with Type 2 already show serious insulin resistance on testing. Others have mitochondria that malfunction causing fat to be overstored.

The IR and loss of beta cell secretion power that comes with these genes causes hunger and dysregulated eating that eventually causes obesity. But the underlying diabetes comes first. The Obesity is a symptom, not the cause.

There’s a lot more. I have it written up and documented with cites to the published research on this page: You Did Not Eat Your Way to Diabetes.

Jenny and Renee, your comments really help me deal with the guilt factor in being diagnosed. I have been blaming myself and having a tough time with it since my diagnosis. I know my lifestyle has contributed to my diabetes, but, I appreciate hearing that it is not 100% My fault because of my lifestyle. Thanks!!!

I visited the philippines when I went to see my 6 foot 6" Tall,10 minute younger Twin Brother get married to a woman from Batangus in 1995. (I’m a Jvnl onset [age 8] Type 1 insulin depend diabetic for 36 years now) Thank goodness my diabetes stunted my growth to a reasonable height of almost 5’ 8".
I know your medical system is not close to what we have here in the States but I was also told I shouldn’t ask your Police for directions should I have become seperated from my Tee Tah(?) Auntie family guide or somehow “Lost while visiting in your Country”. I Love your People and enjoyed your countryside but your economy is based off how many Emergency Days Reserve of Rice you have to feed your population from reading your newspapers when I was there… Your not (hopefully) betting your life on his questionable credentails or worse yet, a Loved one of yours?
I had a Beloved ‘Grandma’ read my palm while I was there, she was very accurate, but I didn’t get medical advise from her, I did however see a doctor for an ear infection that started soon after my 16 hours of flight time it took to get there, for basically $3 dollars american money. I hope you find somebody else to drum up business for Real Quick, than this Pisig City guy with Corrigated Metal Hut doctor’s office? I don’t read email from Nigerian Embassy Officals looking to give me Money and don’t you believe them either, IT’s also a SCAM you should never begin to believe !

Renee, I have wished the same thing. I began gaining weight and getting this apple shape–while eating healthy and exercising!–25 years ago. I sincerely, now, believe, that if I had gotten metformin at that time I would not have gained the weight in the first place and might not now have diabetes. The underlying problem is insulin resistance. Metformin treats insulin resistance. Of course, most people still don’t accept this today, they still preach that you get fat and that gives you diabetes, so 25 years ago no one would have given me metformin. But…if they had…it would have made a huge difference in my life.

my mothers friend cured herself, she is 55 years old and walks 2 hours everyday in rain or shine - shes officially off all meds

Chris, It also happened to me when my doctor told me that Diabetes have no cure. I felt the whole world crumble.

Naebug2u, Maybe the name of the province is Batangas.A City famous for making bladed weapon called “Balisong”.