Drew Carey CURED of type 2 diabetes

I am really getting sick of these types BS stories from IDIOT "celebs"


As to not needing meds and keeping under control with diet and exercise great for him. However he has a damaged pancreas now. Even with low carb, strict diet, and exercise he still may need medication down the road.

As his pancreas declines on insulin he will eventually need shots. It will progress to that eventually, and if he refuses we will see him dead or in the hospital.

We need to have a media dept like GLAAD that monitors how the media portrays diabetics. Even though Drew himself may not be aware of what he is saying, the reporter should be more responsible and question him about this being it is internationally know there is no cure. Hypothetically, if he had AIDS and the condition has gone away and cured I am sure somebody would be alarmed and asking a lot of questions.

If anybody wants to start a letter writing campaign to People magazine please send me an email or friend request. I just assume to bombard them with letters of a rebuttal stating what actually happens to a person that is diabetic and looses weight.

Being in the Hollyweird, I don’t buy the notion he just got tired of being fat. There is normally an alternative motive. Perhaps he was experience more health conditions and was told to loose weight by his doctors. Most stars are not forth coming about health issues because it can rumor their chances at other jobs.

good for him for losing the weight…but…this is such a dis-service to his fans that could have been educated about diabetes.

I think you are misunderstanding, Alexis… We’re not bashing what he’s doing that is working for him… We are angry that they are suggesting that Diabetes is, somehow, curable, when it is not. Diabetes has NO cure. There is only levels of control, and what works for us to keep that tight control… but NO cure. If tomorrow, we went and had a slice of cake, we would still have high blood sugar.

He isn’t cured he is controlling the T2 with diet and exercise. There is no cure.

He isn’t cured he is controlling the T2 with diet and exercise. There is no cure.

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Understand this…If Drew decides to start eating and his old weight back. All the wonderful symptoms of Diabetes will return. This is not a cure. I agree with Lizmari… if he eats a piece of cake he still has to be concerned about his BG…

Carey doesn’t appear to realize that fruit has carbs.

If allowed to heal, can the pancreas recover from damage? It seems this is something people have different opinions on. It seems to me that those who believe this is possible would say type 2 diabetes is curable in some cases. Those who don’t believe this is possible feel misrepresented by these stories. I think it is hard when every person’s diabetes differs from the next person’s. I don’t think this celebrity is saying that he knows how to cure diabetes. He is saying that he cured his own diabetes. What if his A1c is awesome now? And all he has to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle? If that were me I think I might have a party and call myself cured, too. (I have type 1 so that won’t be happening yet…) But, the point is, diabetes advocacy is best done without bashing towards anyone. If you know for a fact the pancreas can’t heal itself at all then fine, but I’ve heard it can so maybe we aught to check that information out. (Note-in type 2 diabetics where a pancreas may not have too much damage) (Another note-they say you can’t reverse nerve damage but I did it. Huh…)

Thats being quite negative isn’t it? I have heard of others who do what he did and go on until very old age never needing insulin or meds-as long as they stuck to certain healthy habits.

It is not a matter of opinion. The pancreas does not heal itself, and Diabetes has no cure. I have an A1C of 5.5% – that of a normal person, with no Diabetes. I have a great healthy lifestyle, and I exercise. Does that mean I have no Diabetes? NO! If he decided to have a few slices of cake, his blood sugar will spike just like any other Diabetics. Tight control is NOT a cure. Diabetes is a chronic health condition, with NO cure. It is degenerative… and with time, he will more than likely need meds, and insulin as well… Which by the way, I don’t need either… But it doesn’t make me not have Diabetes. Hearing things “on the grape vine” that Diabetes can be cured is a huge scam that is always going on by people wanting to sell books, and remedies, etc… it is NOT science, and not true.

This is always an intersting topic for me because I went from insulin to no insulin to lows with metformin. All changing depending on my weight. I would love to have a study done where someone has “cured” their diabetes and check the beta cells present. I have found articles where there has been beta cell regeneration by people so what if under certain conditions beta cells do regenarate.

Here is an intersting article


Excerpt from the article

A natural process by which the beta cells of the pancreas, which make and secrete insulin, create new beta cells. Diabetes researchers are keenly interested in exploiting the mechanisms behind this phenomenon to some day prevent, treat, or cure Type 1 diabetes.

It has been known for some time that mammals (including humans) eventually regenerate some types of cells to replace injured cells. There is now growing evidence that we have some ability to regenerate beta cells. In pregnant or obese individuals, for example, the mass and number of beta cells expand considerably to meet the body’s increased insulin requirements.

End of excerpt and you can read the full article

So my question if you could put the sleeping giant back to sleep does that reverse the effects of the disease and for how long will that last. We need to follow these people and check beta cell counts to see what is the level. So another question would also be if an individual has a genetic possiblity for a diesease but never manifest does that individual have the disease? Can the body put itself back on the state before diagnosis and if the body is in that state what is that state called? Is it called a cure or remission. I would like to know what test could be done and followed to see if they actually have normal beta cell counts like non diabetic people.

Hey folks!

I started a Diabetic Media Watch Dog group for stuff like this…I want write people for a rebuttal. If you are interested lend your support.

Thanks for sharing this article…

In addition to what everyone else here has said about a “cure” for diabetes, I’m alarmed by the assertion that eliminating carbs is any kind of good idea. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the human body needs at least 130 grams of carbohydrate per day for proper brain function (or about the equivalent of 9 carb exchanges)-- and yes, diabetic bodies need that 130 grams, too, what with the vast majority of us having brains. So maybe your sugars are under control, but occasionally you forget your middle name and where you kenneled the dogs before you left for vacation…

As for the “cure” business, I know we all get uber-frustrated by the world’s misunderstanding of our condition, and it’s so hard to explain to people what diabetes is and what it’s like to live with. I myself was spitting nails when Halle Berry started telling the press she had “downgraded” her diagnosis from Type 1 to Type 2 because she had been able to discontinue insulin. As a Type 1 since the age of ten, I was not appreciative, to say the least. Multiply that anger by a thousand when the Supreme Court ruled against the diabetic Wal-Mart pharmacist who was suing the company under the Americans with Disabilities Act for not accommodating his disability (in a way that was cost-free to them), and the Court ruled that because the plaintiff managed to maintain somewhat good control with an insulin pump, he didn’t qualify as a disabled person for the purposes of protection under the law.

What it comes down to is that most Americans don’t have a decent understanding of what would be covered in your typical 7th grade biology class, so we’re screwed if we expect them to get the nuance that any disease still exists inside a unique human body whose needs, lifestyle, particular genetic and environmental lot in life, and so many other factors vary, and what works for me may or may not work for you. Just keep on getting out there and fighting the good fight, people. One of these days maybe we’ll have a REAL cure and not have to hear this crap anymore.

For me, he is only cured if he could return to all of his habits pre diagnosis and NOT have elevated sugars. I am actually kind of worried that if he relaxed in his habits that he would be totally unaware of the changes to his sugars and end up hurting himself.

Glad to see here I wasn’t alone in feeling this way when I read about his comments today.

No, it was the other way around… I could never remember a single thing when I was on a high carb diet. Now, I have a perfect lipid profile, perfect liver enzymes (fatty liver instantly went away), the most energy I have ever had, ever, and the sharpest memory and sense of judgement I have ever had. While I don’t eat as low carb as Bernstein, I can certainly NOT eat 130 g of carb a day diet… I would lose my legs in 20 years (which my dad did). So, sorry. Thanks, but no thanks.


I’ve been eating 30-35 carbs daily for over two years & my brain is fine:) About 58% of protein converts to glucose, as does a small percentage of fat. As cells break down, they contribute some glucose as do other metabolic processes. There’s no need to eat 130 grams of carbs to keep the brain functioning well.

Like Lizmari, I was in a brain fog from too many carbs. Also, lacking in energy & cranky. My lipids improved & I feel far better.