Does anyone here type1 not need basal insulin

hey i want to ask i know its a wierd question but is there anyone here whos type 1s here who dont need basal insulin iv heard some type 1s need very little or no basal insulin

There are some LADA T1’s that can have very extended honeymoon periods. It was over 10 years after diagnosis (mistakenly as T2) that I started with insulin (just basal for a couple years).


What do you consider “little” basal? My 24 hour basal total is 9u. Carb ratio is 10:1 and sensitivity is 120. If I eat under 30 carbs per day and exercise I can suspend for several hours at a time and keep my BS under 150. I have been T1 for 23 years.

I’m currently on no insulin at all, but I’m definitely in that “some LADA T1’s that can have very extended honeymoon periods” category that @vanc refers to above.

I could probably make use of a fast-acting insulin or Afrezza if my doctors were open to the notion (they’re old-school and firmly in the “no insulin until it is unavoidable” camp) for after meals, but I definitely do not need basal right now. I have slightly elevated morning BG and repeatedly test low/low-normal on fasting insulin and c-peptide, but I produce enough insulin to manage as long as I eat very low-carb and exercise a lot.

Honestly, I’ve seriously thought about sitting on my ■■■ for a month or two, eating all the ice-cream I can find, and forcing the issue. It’s a stupid plan, but I get scared and frustrated not having all the tools necessary to manage my BG. Right now, without a prescription for basal or bolus insulin, I’m pretty much up-the-creek if something goes down…

However, all that is besides the point: I’m in a very small percentage of diagnosed Type 1s not on insulin, and that will almost certainly change sometime in the future (six months, ten years, who knows?). The vast, vast majority of Type 1s are going to be on both basal and bolus insulin, and I’m sure others can weigh in on that :slight_smile: I have heard that those who exercise a ton and eat very-low carb can reduce insulin use to very small amounts in some cases.

hey thanks for reply i just seem to be a wierd type 1 seem like reguardless how less or high basal i give it doesnt affect even if i dont give basal shot doesnt affect my levels so i carnt really find a basal right because of this really wierd carnt seem to find a answer to my problem