Type 1 Basal Only

Hi, I’m recently diagnosed type 1 (1.5). 30 years old, athletic/fit. Totally surprised. Brother has been type 1 since he was 4 years old. I’ve been maintaining good blood sugar control since diagnosis. I currently only take metformin and 8 units of lantus daily and eat relatively low carb. I’m assuming I’m honeymooning but wondering what the forum thinks? By the way this group is great and helped me after my initial diagnosis.

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Why do u think you are honeymooning, based on what you wrote?

Just a guess that I must still be producing some amount of insulin. Diagnosed 1/25 with 350 blood sugar and HbA1C of 10. Since being on lantus have been very stable. I am physically active for my profession so am thinking that helps a lot.

We LADAs don’t honeymoon exactly; we sort of slow drift. But if we do honeymoon then that sounds like what you’re doing now. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, sounds like you are doing super-well. Being active makes all the difference in the world. My wife mostly does basal (she’ll take tiny boluses now and then) and she is dx’d as a Type 1 but who knows. She’s been on the same regimen for decades with an awesomely low A1c. No honeymooning going on for her.

Thanks for the replies. I have been very encouraged by this forum and decided to post. I’ve watched my brother manage his type 1 for his whole life. Getting it myself was a shock. But it has seemed very manageable thus far with my lifestyle being active. I’m preparing for when I’ll need to eventually be on fast acting insulin as well but for the time being just the basal.


Exercise really helps with needing less insulin. There is a rugby player that is highly active and can eat a big plate of food and not need insulin for it. Although he is usually taking some as a correction sometime during the day besides his standard basal. Low carb means you don’t need as much either. I would say you are in the honeymoon period, which to me is the time period you still make insulin because you have not required any fast acting yet. For some that can be a few years. It also means it can be a little erratic in trying to keep control all the time.

50% of us are diagnosed after the age of 30. Why it varies so much who knows, but they think it’s started by a virus.