Does anyone notice this ( when you are experiencing a low sugar you start to feel depressed or sad about things in your life that normally don't bother you ?)

This does not happen to me all the time but it sure did yesterday … This is what happened I was runner perfect all day until I bolused for my dinner which was around 40 carbs and usually I only need about 2 units for this cause I also take symilin but only at dinner … Instead I needed about 7 units … Now not all at once , each hour that went by I began to feel that high bl feeling getting to me … So each hour that I tested I was between 260 and 350 … So I would keep giving myself another two units each hour that it was high … And them suddenly after about 4 hours I started to feel some relief … But that only lasted for about an hour until I began to feel that feeling that I descriibe as icky which means low … Of course I was 49 so I did my usual treatment that I do for a low that is low due to the over correction of a high bl … I have a rule to this treatment and here goes … I only allow myself to drink juice and eat candy but it cannot be chocolate more like licorice, gummys, those fruit jelly things , skittles , as long as it is fatfree because that type of candy raises the sugar faster and if you eat to much at least you know that this low sugar that you just had is not going to make you gain 5 lbs … Obviously I have that part down pact but I do not like the sudden sadness or depression that I feel when low … I begin to think very negative like for example I tell myself " oh you’ll never finish school and become an accountant and if you do ( which would be 5 years from now) you’ll never be able to handle a full work week and manage this diabetes , what happens if I get days at work where I am high all day and then suddenly low and all I can think about is laying down and watching tv while drinking diet soda ( that’s what a sugar above 250 does to me I feel such fatigue when high where even getting up to use the bathroom or feed the cat feels dreadful ) so I then begin to feel better as the sugar begins to rise back to normel and then I feel positive again and I tell myself well I’ll just keep taking things one day at a time and if I graduate in 5 years or 8 years I will get that bachelors degree in accounting … It’s so weird though because when I’m low I can’t rashinalize my situation like that instead I only can see things as they are for that second and in that second I am low , I am a type one diabetic of 22 years who has the risk of getting some scary complications one day ( at least that’s what all the nasty endros have always loved to tell me since I’m ten and then sit there with a serious face as I begin to cry ) and in that second I feel Like I have the most chronic disease but then after my bl returns to normal and I begin to feel normal again I begin to think things like I’m only 32 and I am so lucky that the only complicatin that I have is that of haveing my feet feel extremly sensitive but I’ll take that , and I begin to think other things like I’d rather have diabetes any day over some of these other things that people are suffering from ,

Lows are instant depression for me. Before the spacey, shakey, brain fog feeling hits, I feel depressed, sad & panicked. Sure is a hard feeling to describe to anyone who doesn’t experience this. As soon as BG starts going back up, the dark cloud lifts.

What horrid doom & gloom endos to reduce you tears! A pox on them.

Moods swinging with the BG’s? Oh, yeah. I think you’ll find that you are not alone with that. It has an impact on most of us.

Me too!! Lows can be black holes. Feeling bummed is sort of a clue that I’d better check my BG for me.

Yes, when I’m low I get very scared/sad/depressed. It’s a very deep depressive feeling too, one that just seems to have no end. And I’m not AT ALL a depressed person by nature, but a good low can make me burst into tears with almost no provocation I am discovering…

I can relate…I get soo sad and mad and angry when I’m low. I also cry, and become emotional. Also, I am a student and lows DO interrupt the “schedule”. I hate it when I am getting work done, accomplishing a lot and BOOM! I’m low…and you cannot ignore a low. Before (actually last night) I was 78, 79, 72 and I figured I had some time, before it crashed…well it crashed in <5min and then it takes so long to come up from a bg of 52. Also, fyi, when your high, I find that water cures the dry mouth/thirst feeling better than soda. Just give it a try sometime. I completely understand your situation and I wish you (and me too?) some luck with diabetes management…it can be tricky!!

Ditto! What’s odd is that I’ll start having negative thoughts that are sooooo unrealistic. I’ll think “why am I doing THIS job, I’m not qualified and don’t do it very well”. (I’ve climbed the ladder with the same organization for 25 years and have even garnered a little national recognition for my work!!!) Seriously!!

Why do I have those thoughts instead of feeling negative about realistic things such as: have no desire to even balance my checkbook, can’t keep my closet organized to save my soul.

Am I the only one who has negative thoughts that seem to be out of left field?

Funny, I get “happy” but also very anxious and obsessive. If my BG stays lowish (65-75) for awhile I get lethargic.
I get depressed when my BG>220
I get ravenously hungry when my BG 140-170 - I mean so hungry I think I am going to die.

I am the opposite. When I am low I feel great, everything is alright. Years ago when in college I wrote by best pappers when low. When I go high, above 200 is when I start to feel depressed and beat up on myself.

Oh yeah. In fact I often start sobbing when I’m low. Then when I come back up I have no idea what I was feeling sad about.

I agree with all the feelings mentioned of lows. I sometimes felt heart pounding fear or so overwhelmed with a low that I cried, felt Really depressed and shrunk away from the present time and didn’t deal well with it until I got some sugar source which brought me back to Reality which wasn’t so Bad.

Many may think that I’m way off base but too Bad. After long term Diabetes, or synthetic Insulin, and/or tighter control, etc., I have Hypounawareness and I feel Better by testing more often and can correct before it’s too late and no panic or overeating. It used to be some awful scary, weird and comical or inconvenient times before with lows. Now it’s vague symptoms, test and correct.

Sometimes when I’m low I am all doom and gloom, and it seems so real. They when i recover I realize that life isn’t really that bad after all, it’s like waking up from a nightmare and realizing all is well with the world. Or to put it another way, it’s like traveling back and forth in an alternate universe. I’m sure glad I don’t live in that alternate universe all the time.

Yep, from talking to other Type 1s I think that is the standard, just eat some jellybeans and everything will feel better.

When I go very low, usually after I already ate some sugar I am suddenly hit by this really sad feeling of being all alone. My explanation to myself is that – bottom line – I’m alone in my disease. All the people who love me notwithstanding, it’s me who could have just died if I hadn’t felt that low BG, it’s only me in that shakey scary experience, and of course me who has to deal with it quickly and efficiently. It’s a kind of existential moment.

Or maybe just some temporary depression that is physically caused by low blood sugar, go know…