Weird side effect from low bg

Hey guys…has anyone (probably females) gotten emotional on a low. my dr recently changed my insulin to bring me tighter control n I’m adjusting to being a lot lower. I have had a few lows (around 45 - 50) and I get emotional??? like I cld cry or feel very upset. yes having a low is both of those things…but I have nvr gotten this emotional. then when I get up to 90 -100 it subsides. just wondering why I get like this. does anyone else??

Sure do, went low while cleaning house the other day and ended up throwing my husbands shoes across the room just because they had the nerve to get the shoestrings sucked into the sweeper! 30 seconds later I was sitting on the floor crying, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Over 26 years of dealing with Type 1, I have gotten so many different responses from going low! It especially depends on the type of insulin I am taking. With regular, I would get silly, almost like being tipsy. With Novolog, it made me paranoid and foggy. It was THE WORST of the rapid-acting insulins for me. With Apidra, I get drowsy and clingy, almost overtly lovey, especially to my husband. I think he likes that side effect! LOL, not really, but it does make life amusing. The important thing for me to remember was being able to tell those emotional clues; I have gotten a lot better at regognizing lows from just plain being "moody". Hope it works out that way for you, too! :-)

I become weepy & instantly depressed when low. Sometimes I get panic attack feelings.

'Cause the glucose is cut off to your brain!

It's not just a female thing. I went through a time when my first low symptom was that I'd burst out crying about something stupid, like Waaa! My notebook is green! Waaah!

In can judge how low I am by my enotions as well as physical synptoms:
67-55:a little silly and want to do a thousond things at once.Will speak the "truth" as I see it to anyone any where. Friends/Family may catch it before I do and hand me some orange juice or candy: My brother calls it my "loopy"phase
54-48, irritable , sadand i canot remember where I put anything. Will keep looking for the misplaced object, even though I know I should be loking for the glucose tabs Commercials on tv either make me cry or make me want to break the tv.
49-40: some times shaky, a combination of all the previous emotions listed.. but I know I have to treat, so I TRY do it right away.bFeelnl very sleeyo and I have to fight to sstay awake
39-28, I am gemerally awake and alert, no seizures, but very confused, sometimes frightend sometimes sad.. Sweaty and shaky. If it was a very quick deop from and overbolus or unexpexted exercise, I get halluncinations and weird ilucid dreams'If it was a slow overnight all night drop ( I hear the CGm low alarm, but refuse to get up until the Cheerios box with fangs droolingly tells me to.
Under 28.. usually not alert. Very low hypos are quite rare for me. On one ER visit for a hypo ,I was walking and walking then talking, quite incoherently and quite loud and wrong..with a blood glucose of 19!!! They told me to sit down and shut up. I obediently

God Bless,

This cracked me up (the nerve of the dh's shoes and their shoestrings)! I can get emotional with a low, and also can over react to things. I often become really hyperactive and energetic or silly. It IS a rollercoaster.

Being low makes you crazy. There have been times when tears started pouring from my eyes, but I started laughing and couldn't explain myself. One time I punched an aquarium and shattered it for no reason.

I would get into these dark, depressed holes enough that I look at that as a strong suggestion to check my BG quickly. Not so much with a CGM these days.

Sometimes I get really depressed and feel like my entire life is just going downhill and things used to be so much better but now there's no hope for the future and there's nothing I can do about it so why bother. The only time it really scares me is when the why bother becomes a why bother correcting the low 'cause it's just going to happen again. My mother says that when I get too low to help myself I start getting very hero worship-y and cuddly with those who are helping me... it's been years since I've been there though.

Happens to me all the time when I reach around 50 and the lower I am the worse it gets.

Ty all for the replys. huge insight n made me feel tht I’m not alone. I really thought I was the only one tht got like this…every reply was situations very similar to mine. u all cheered me up! ty!! =)

the worst is a blood sugar that low will jump up after you take glucose very high ...let face it living with some with diabetes is not easy because of this =) dont blame it on the alcohol ! blame it on the diabetes =)

Yes…evthing thts not tht great…all the sudden gets magnfied times a thousand. and obviously noone around us is probably a diabetic so tht alone makes it even more fustrating. sometimes I feel so messed up during a low tht I can’t even explain in words what I’m feeling. so many times I get sad n think of life before diabetes

I can feel the irritability hit me so fast. its like instant pms times 1000

when your low just think of yourself as being drunk

I tend to drop n get tired after a low once I’m back to 100 or so…I do get tht weird energy thing where I start to “race” for something…nvr really know where I’m racing to tho lol I also feel a sense of quiet. like evthing sounds so clear like I cld hear a pin drop. very odd. lol

Yeh lol I get tht…I have wanted to punch walls or break anything close to me lol

I have been there lol I’ve wanted to break the remote several times. n my phone lol

get yourself a dexcom there far from perfect but they give you a heads up on when your blood sugar is dropping during the day i know when its getting low but at night is the worst ....i have chewed my tongue ...nasty but think this ...try to know your blood sugar patterns and when your prone to get low well as after you do a work out its 4 or hours after your sugar may drop as well