Does Medicare cover 670G and CGM yet?


Does Medicare cover the 670G? Does that automatically come with integrated CGM? Thanks. I’m in the USA.


Medicare will cover the 670G, but not the Guardian sensors. At least that is what Medtronic told me two weeks ago.


Medtronic has not impressed Medicare with it’s sensors. It’s a shame they got the Enlites and Sof Sensors approved (by the FDA), IMO.


Thanks. I guess I’ll have to use the Libre.


Mine doesn’t cover Libre either. You pay for the sensor. Nancy50


Medicare does NOT cover the 670g according to the local medtronics rep. and according to Byram Healthcare. I just switched from Omnipod to Medtronics in order to get better coverage under Medicare and was advised by multiple sources that the 630g was the best Medtronics pump to be covered. Their CGM is not covered so I use the Dexcom G5 which is covered. The Dexcom G6 is NOT covered.


CMS / Medicare has already issued the rules under which a cgm may be covered. It is up to the cgm manufacturer to meet those requirements.

A major component of the rule is FDA approval of non-adjunctive.

The Dexcom G6 will be covered as it meets all the standards for CMS. At this point, it is a matter of contracts and pricing.

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Medicare covered my 670g last year, but not my Guardian 3 CGM and sensors. I just reordered the sensors at a discounted cash price of $346 for a box of five from Medtronic. (CCS Medical wanted to charge me $450). I normally get about 12 days from each sensor; however, I got 18 days out of my last sensor.


Okay it’s now almost May of 2019. Does medicare cover the integration of the 670G and dexcom CGM?

USA users only.


670G and dexcom are not intergrated, but could be used independently.

Dexcom G5 is currently approved by medicare and can be ordered.

Dexcom G6 is approved, but due to supply limitations, Dexcom is delaying G6 for Medicare until later this year.


Medicare doesn’t like Medtronic sensors, so no coverage. :slight_smile: