Shortage of 670G supplies?

I recently consulted with my endo. about switching to the new 670G since my warranty is up on my current Medtronic 523 in Feb. 2018. He was very receptive and offered to help me on getting coverage from my secondary ins. since Medicare only covers the 523. So on my initial call to Medtronic I was told the 670G was readily available but the supplies that go with it are made in Puerto RIco and would not be available for sometime. We all know about the hurrication devastation in Puerto Rico and the current situation there. . Has anyone else been told this? Is the situation that dire with these supplies. As badly as I need this pump I hate to start on it next year if the supplies will not be consistently available.

Currently the 523 and the 630G are covered by Basic Medicare. The 670G is not covered by Basic Medicare nor are any Medtronic sensors. If you have an Advantage plan, you might be able to get coverage, but not if you have Medicare with a Supplement.

You’re right to be concerned about sensors for the 670G because Medtronic was already having problems keeping up with the demand before the hurricane. I don’t know what their timetable is for “catching up.”

I am due for a new pump in April and when I asked my endo about the 670, she told me the same thing. I’m not sure what I will do.

This truly is a conundrum regarding the 670 sensors. I may just upgrade to the 630 since I was not aware Medicare covered it until now. Then switch to the 670 when Medtronic has all the kinks worked out. I have been VERY fortunate with my secondary, which is a private, self-only policy I have had since 1971. They cover 100% of everything Medicare does not cover.

The issue is nto really complicated. According to Medtronic:

  1. Medicare will cover a standalone 530G or 630G as well

  2. Medtronic is fulfilling the CGM portion of the 670G system for Priority Access members. If an order is placed now they anticipate being able to ship the CGM in 2018, likely March/April but no guarantees

  3. The Guardian Sensor 3 is not currently on backorder for those who have the MiniMed 670G system

I hope that clears up some of the misconceptions. I have the 670g, I entered the priority access system in January and have had absolutely no difficulties getting the sensors and the pump was delivered as promised.

Thank you for your explanation. But that does not clarify what I have been told this past week by Medtronic, the online representative and also by Jeff, my regional Medtronic representative in my area of Florida.

I can easily purchase the actual insulin pump 670 G now, but because the Puerto Rico plant is demolished that makes the sensors, there is no guarantee of when I will be able to get the sensors. In other words, Puerto Rico is still devastated and they do not know when the plant will be up and running per the rep.

Based on what I’ve been told, I just trying to determine when’s the best time for me to buy the 670 G and have immediate availability of the sensors so I can go through the training process. It would be frustrating do you have a 670 G sitting around and not have the sensors for who knows how long. Even my Endo was aware there was a shortage of sensors due to Puerto Rico.

Perhaps there are plenty of sensors for Prority Access members, but my concern is when will they be available for Newbies. All I heard this week was after the first of the year, which leads a 12 month time period wide open since the situation in PR is so dire. Are all sensors made at the Puerto Rico plant? I should research where Medtronic’s has other sensor plants. Anyone know where exactly the pumps are made?

Medtronic have been restricting supplies of sensors to users in Europe. This is supposedly to prioritize 670G users in the US. In the UK sensor supply has been patchy to existing users and they are not taking on any new users (at least from self-funders)