Does my high BG affect my nursing infant?

so i’ve asked my endo AND my pediatrician and both say “not enough to make a difference”. My question is will my high blood sugars (i mean at their highest maybe 200-400 as little as everyday to 1/2 a day as of this past wk) affect my exclusively breastfed baby? if so, how?

I KNOW the very many benefits to breastfeeding (i have done it w all my kids) this is my 4th baby. With my other children I never had so many high’s as now. So is this out-of-control time period going to negatively affect the baby?

I NEED to get back the control over this b/c is it not great right now. I am chasing after 3 kids (6,4 and 2) PLUS breastfeeding my 3.5 mo old and TRYING to keep up w EVERYTHING else, lol. Hence my BG has not been at the VERY top priority as it was when i was pregnant. BUT it needs to be and I have been paying more and more attn to it. ]

Any insight or sugestions are appreciated :slight_smile:


maybe make sure you don’t have ketones?

thanks… this did occur to me a couple mornings ago after a couple days of highs. i have not had them yet. but still higher bg than were they should be :frowning:

It really has very little effect… ketones will make your milk taste bad, so that can definitely effect things, but if you have no ketones and you’re not dehydrated as a result of being high, it’s not really a problem in terms of milk production.