Does your partner/friend or family member want to overload you with OJ when you have a low?

i just had a BS of 35. i went right to the fridge and poured myself a perfect amount of OJ. i have my measurements down pat on this one. but my hubby panicks and tries to micromanage my intake and always forces me to drink more. if i should listen to him( which happens all too frequently) i sky rocket, like a 200 BS. after 18 years of marriage, he still doesnt get it. i need to wait 15 minutes before testing again. he wants me to test right after i drink the OJ, which is rediculous.

ANYONE HAVE THIS PROBLEM????? and what else can i say to my obstinate husband????

Sit down and calmly explain the medically acceptable procedure. Drink your portion of juice or whatever, wait 15 minutes and check glucose levels. If not rising, treat again, wait and test.

Print out info from Joslin, Mayo, etc to support the procedure. Can you blame him for the panic? Help him understand all the bits and pieces.

Before retirement, I was an adult educator. I created 'QUICK REFERENCE CARDS' for my husband. He actually uses them and they conntain all the correct directions--it is a roadmap.

We saved the "kiddie cups" frm when junior was learning to use them. They're like 4 or 5 oz, a much more useful amount.

That's a good idea with the kiddie cups. I can never "eyeball" measurements. But I'm not a big juice person. I like the idea of the instruction cards. I think for so many of us with D we have lived with this for so long, not that we are blasé about it, but we know what we have to do and we do it. It's become a second nature to us, much like breathing. I think for family/friends all they know is TREAT, and TREAT NOW. They probably get even more freaked out when they don't see that sudden boost in numbers a minute after consuming 21 oz of OJ. They need to realize as long as you are not losing consciousness, and you are relatively coherent, treat and wait the 15 minutes and see what happens. Good luck, family and friends mean well, but sometimes it is a struggle.