Does your partner always want to know about your BSs?

my husband is constantly asking me either to test my sugars because i am acting "weird" or he will want to know what my BSs are when he sees me testing. it was nice in the beginning of our relationship (married almost 20 yrs), but now i just get fed up with him budding in.i love that he is supportive, but sometimes it just drives me crazy. also, if i am low, he MUST be in control of what i put in my mouth to bring my BSs up. and, he always over-shoots the amount to correct my sugars. if it were up to him, he would have me drinking a gallon of OJ instead of 1/2 a glass.

anyone else have a situation like this with their parent or partner?

My husband of 47yrs has no idea about my bg's. He diesn't even know what is high and what is low. If I am really low and ask for something sweet he will plany 20 questions to find out what to give me. I just take care of it myself. I always have and probably always will.

thx 4 Ur reply, donnadean, its nice 2 know i am not alone in this bizzaar world that is diabetes.i wrote this blog b/c just 1/2 hr ago, my sugars went down to 43, and instead of informing my husband, i went to the fridge and poured myself 1/2 glass of OJ. now, its 1/2 hr ltr and my BSs R 111. just goes to show u....daisy mae.

I've been married 19 years and don't get a lot of feedback either.

I dont either, and actually I prefer it that way. It would drive me crazy having to answer to what my blood glucose is. Im like leave me alone, I've lived with this for 27 years and I can manage just fine on my own.

I have lows quite often, and don't recognize them myself most of the time. So if my wife suspects that i'm low, she will either ask me to test or, if I'm testing, she will ask to see the result. I see it as being helpful, not interferring or being intrusive.

My wife is my angle my hero, she keeps an eye on me and if she suspects anything out of the norm she will question me. I have zero Hypo awareness and she always has my 6 when we are together.

I was diagnosed in 1974. I'd rather have someone (my wife) on my side than against me. Sometimes we need help -- even if their assumptions are sometimes wrong.

Your 6?

My husband is almost always around when Im testing...often he does ask how it is. We share everything and I dont really mind telling him my numbers. Shows relief when its good numbers and concern when its bad :) When I was first diagnosed, he went to all my diabetes classes with me...even during quarterly lab and doctor exams. I am 100% confident I can rely on him during...err...difficult times.

When I got married all those years ago, diabetes was not part of the bargain. Sadly, my wife has little interest in my diabetes. She never asks about my readings. I have coached her about what to do should I ever need assistance, and I am sure she would help me. But she would rather not be involved. The idea of her giving me an injection? We have not gotten over that one yet. As far as diabetes is concerned, she "doesn't have my 6."

ps. "Got your 6" is a military term meaning got your back (like a clock 12 is front 6 is back).

It was a military term for "Ive got your back"

I live alone, and I always have been concerned about treating lows and highs. I know I am not thinking clearly, and am worried that I am making the most critical decisions at the worst possible times. When I am with my 15 y/o son, he almost always asks what the BG is when I test, and he will notice when I start to act a little strange. I don't mind and tell him(jokingly) that someday he will have to help take care of me all the time. I really hope that it doesn't come to that.

i feel slightly misunderstood, and perhaps i wrote this the wrong way; i love that my husband is soooo incredibly supportive!!! i just cant stand that after all our many many yrs 2gether, he thinks that he can control my lows with such rediculous amounts of OJ, when i only, typically, need 1/2 cup.

and just to note: i am schizophrenic, so i tk a whole bunch of meds 4 that, so my husbands support is a life-saver. i love him dearly. the only problem is the xtra lg dosaes of OJ

I think the juice boxes are a great suggestion. I used them myself before I started popping glucose tabs.

Hubby of better than 25 years will ask if I am acting weird or something, or I am not making sense, but he knows better than to ask if I am perfectly normal ( well I don't know if I am ever "perfectly normal" ) let's just say if I am acting perfectly normally. He has saved my life on more than 1 occasion, and I am grateful for that, but it does get a bit tedious when he asks without a good reason.

I have a different problem - I am newly diagnosed, and I feel I'm driving my husband nuts with all my constant talk about BG, Carbs, highs, lows, etc. Its enough what he went through during my illness (I developed diabetes after a serious pancreas operation) and now this?! Not that he complains, and he does understand my need to talk about it -- but still, it doesn't seem fair to him. That's why I'm so happy I found TuDiabetes - Its so nice to be able to talk to people who -- like me -- are obsessed with this topic. Thanks yall!

My wife only knows about my numbers when I get lows cause she knows my symptoms. Outside of lows she really does not ask about them.

I have been married for 23 years and when I used to have lows where I was acting weird or if I offer information about how my day at work was, he will sometimes question me but since being on the pump my lows don't happen as often and I don't get the reactions that I used to get.