Dont know what to think!

Hello all, I am new to this and not sure where to turn. About 6 years ago my GP noticed that my A1c was going up and up. At this time he started me on T2 meds. After noticing that they were not working well after 3 months he placed me on Byetta. That started to help to a certain point. But my A1c was going up and down like a bouncing ball. Then came the metformin, 500mg per day. Things started going ok. Then he changed me to Victoza 1.8mg per day. Well things stayed the same. A1c going up to 10 or coming back to 8.3.
About 4 weeks ago I noticed that my eye sight was all blurred and I was drinking like a fish and constantly wanting to eat. People were talking about how much weight I had lost and I didnt pay attention. Vision got worse and I was at work and noted that I felt tired and no engery. So I took my BG and it was at 650. Went to the ER,I work as a medic for the hospital, and they took me in and treated me with 20 units and 2 1000ml bags saline. BG was 390. Went to GP 5 days later and never drew blood and just put me on Levemir 10 units per day.He did note that I have lost 20 lbs since I last saw him 2 weeks prior. Sugars still at 600 so he moved me to 60 units. BS still up to 400 and he added 20 units at morning. My sugars are at 190 to 300. He sent paper work to ENDO and states T2 poor control. But he told me that he supects LADA. No bloodwork to confirm was done. So what do I think. I know both T1 and T2 has similar symptoms but with T2 you have troubles healing. But that is one thing I do not have trouble with. Its obvious that the oral meds are not working. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas

You need to get testing for antibodies and c-peptide to determine your type. You also need to be on a basal/bolus regimen so you can take fast acting insulin for your meals, based on the carbs you are eating.

Seeing an endo is a good idea, you need help getting those numbers down ASAP.

It very well could be type 1. LADA is just a fancy term for slow-onset type 1 in adults (when you develop type 1 as a kid, it comes on really fast, but in adults, the progression is a little slower). Anyway, get tested for antibodies and have your c-peptide done. And keep in close contact with your endos because you need to get your BG down. It's a very good thing you went to the ER when you did. With a sugar that high, you could have easily slipped into DKA.

The testing to confirm a LADA diagnosis is VERY important because oral meds not only won't do anything, but they could be dangerous. Are you off all oral meds now and just on insulin?

The endo should do blood tests first thing to determine EXACTLY what is going on, but if he doesn't, absolutely push for them on your own. If the endo doesn't work with you and help you find out what is going on, find another one. Keep pushing until you get the answers you need and find a regimen that works for you!

Also, read a lot of the forums on this site. A lot of people have gone through what you are right now. Sometimes your sugar will take a little time to come down, but a good endo can explain it all to you.

They have me taking 1000mg metformin and 80 units of Levemir 60 at night and 20 in the am. My BG is coming down but it is just a slow process. This am BG was 97 and I felt weird. But I hope this is a good sign. That is a fasting BG with out food,10 hours, and 60 units. I did not take the metformin.

Todd you are going to feel very weird as they bring your sugar down.

Your body is used to living at 600 and now you are around 100. Big change my friend. And your BG coming down slowly is nothing to get upset about in my book. Slow in this case may be better. Otherwise you just end up chasing your BG low to high to low. Now you want to talk about feeling weird, try that one.

Just hang in there...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Type 1 and Type 2 are totally different diseases but have the same symptoms. The only way your doctor can dx type 1 is with Antibody tests. Type 2's can also go into DKA and have very high bgs. Has your doctor ever talked to you about your carb level in your diet. For many of us the only way to get our bgs down is to lower our carbs at meals. I eat 10 carbs per meal, some can eat higher.

Thanks for the advise Zoe. I have seen the ENDO and without even batting an eye he said I am going to treat you as a LADA. He stated by just looking at my sugars and my hx he didnt need to do the blood test. I am now taking Levemir 60 units once a day and Novolog 1 unit per 5 carbs at meals and and additional novolog when sugars are above 200. Numbers are ranging from 120 to 220.