Don't leave home without it

Has anyone developed an efficient way of packing all of the diabetes tools that are needed before leaving home? I’m finding that I need no less than the following: glucometer, strips, lancet device, glucose tablets or gel, and cell phone in case I get into difficulty. Has anyone come up with an efficient way of carrying all these things with you all of the time? Of course, I’m wearing my insulin pump so that goes with me everywhere. Ginny in Iowa

Ginny, why not just use your hand-bag for carrying all that stuff? Being a guy, I have to use my back-pack or briefcase which I carry to work.

Do you keep your meter, strips, lancet in the meter case? That’s all I use. I’m on MDIs & can squeeze in syringes & insulin in the case also. I use jelly beans for correction lows because they taste better & are easier to bring along in a baggie than glucose tabs. Everything gets tossed into my purse & doesn’t take up much room. If I’m out hiking or walking distances, I put it in a fanny pack.

Hi Ginny, I have designed a range of kitbags to address this issue. Apart from having diabetes, we’re all different, andhave different kit to carry around with us. Maybe one of my range will suit you? Google ‘desang’ or go to – a few others from Tudiabetes have bought a kitbag.

I keep the following in my little black omnipod zipper case: my pdm (i.e. pump remote), 2 AAA batteries, a spare pod (set change), IV preps, a piece of tegaderm tape, band-aid, a bottle of insulin, a syringe, a lancet device, a bottle of strips, and a bottle of glucose tabs. Then I just toss it in my purse, along with my Navigator CGM receiver. If I want to travel lighter, I nix the batteries, tape, and set change items and stuff the rest in a little zippered wrist clutch along with my cash/credit cards/cell phone and then I clip the CGM on my pants.