Insulin pumpers and CGMSers kit

I posted this over on the insulin pump forum as well.

I just started using an insulin pump and a few months before that a CGMS. My diabetes kit used to be just a stash of needles (for the insulin pens), test strips, alcohol swabs, lancets, lancing device, batteries for glucomter, and a glucometer. I have a stash in my car, in my wife's car, and my computer bag and my camera bag. If I was traveling some distance I would keep my insulin pens and a spares in a travel pouch.
Now with the pump and CGMS, I need to pack a spare infusion set, infusion set insertion device, insulin cartridge, test strips, alcohol swabs, lancets, lancing device, batteries for insulin pump, batteries for glucometer, glucometer, glucogon kit, and CGMS sensors and CGMS charging cable. Whew!
This no longer fits in the glove compartment of my car and I'm worried it won't fit in my computer bag or camera bag.
I found these stylish looking bags from Adorn Designs but they are focused on carrying diabetes supplies without much thought to anything else.

Khurt, I'm on the Omnipod and Dexcom G4. I have one of those Adorn bags in black, and absolutely love it. So much so that when mine was stolen back in Oct/Nov, I immediately ordered another one.

Not much room for anything else? You are quite mistaken. I use it as my regular work bag, carry a laptop, file folders, pens/pencils/notepad, and assorted other typical mobile work stuff.

All the diabetes supplies are conveniently in the separate diabetes pouch -- the stuff you listed, plus gauze pads, SkinTac wipes, Unisolve wipes, basic first-aid (band-aids, neosporin, etc.). The only diabetes supplies that are not in the diabetes pouch are the two spare pods, and one extra G4 sensor, the Omnipod PDM (pump controller). Those are in pockets in the main bag.

Because this bag is so versatile, I lost close to $2000 of stuff when it was stolen. Had a tablet with removable keyboard in it at the time (a long with all the other typical stuff).

I highly recommend this bag!

Depends really. Normal every day stuff, nothing but the pump strapped to me and my meter with lancet device, a couple of spare lancet cartridges (multiclix) and a packet of test strips along with a £10 note and glucose tabs all crammed into the meters wallet. Also is the same load I can put in one of my jersey pockets when out riding. Anything else isn't necessary unless I'm more than a couple of hours from home.

Spare infusion set, insertion device and hypostop injection in drawer at work.

When travelling I keep my usual kit carried on person. In my rucksack (nothing fancy, just a regular Berghaus one) long with a spare meter, strips and infusion device and spare infusion sets and viles. A Novopen and needles, and insulin carts for pen and vials for pump in a Frio pack. Usually kept safe at the hotel.

Batteries I don't bother with simply as I have a mountain of them at home, and if they are even close to half charge I'll swap before going anywhere. Only time I do carry them is when touring on the bike, where I convert one of my bags entirely to D kit and carry a first aid kit also. Most of the time if it doesn't fit in my meters wallet, I ain't carrying it!

I keep all mv stuff in a camera bag. It's about 6x6x4 inches and I don't have a problem fitting all my stuff in there. Even room for some non-D related stuff (gym locker key, spare glasses etc.).