Dose calculator app for pump vacation?

I’m going to take a pump break (have pens of Levemir ready to go). In the past when I’ve taken pump breaks, I’ve used the Diabetes:M app; however, it doesn’t integrate with Dexcom.

Is there something out there (for Android) that integrates Dexcom data and does bolus calculation for MDI? I’ve searched high and low and can’t find what I’m looking for. The Diabetes:M app is so good for dosage calculation that I may just have to use it…

Here are some, but have not used. And is from 2019.

Which pump do you have? Can you use it for calcs if it inegrates with cgm? But then deliver bolus via pen.

Thanks, but those don’t integrate with Dexcom, which was what I was asking about.

I have the Tslim pump but since I’m taking a break I’m not going to carry it around to calculate doses.

I do this from time to time. I have a simple formula for lantus.
I look at my pump and get the 7 day average then I add 10 percent. So if it’s 25 units. I’ll take 14 units of lantus twice a day.

I dose my humalog the same as on my pump. 1 unit per 20 carbs. Your ratio is in your pump and your carb correction is also there. For making corrections in between meals

I am looking for something that calculates bolus doses, not basal.

For me with a 20:1 I eat 60 carbs, it’s 3 units.

For correction its 1 unit for 25 mg/dl. So if I’m at 200 I would take 4 units to get down to 75

But your settings are likely different

If you tell me those 2 settings I can tell you how to do it.

It’s been awhile, but I think xdrip could handle. When I used you could provide bolus inputs along with setting the insulin duration.

XDrip can do this. Be sure to deactivate any other app that is also trying to pair with G6 transmitter.


Nice. I’ve never actually used the bolus calculator in Xdrip. I didn’t know it did that. But I always found it telling me how many carbs I need if I’m [going?] low useful.

It’s pretty close to the pump, too. I entered a fake 15g in both just to see what the calculations would be. Pump said 1.36u and Xdrip said 1.3u.


Thanks, I’ve tried XDrip once before but it was not while I was on my pump break so I think I’ll try it again.

I’ll play around with it - I think it may be my best option. Thanks!

i went on pump vacation for a month and now its 2 years and not going back. Check out the IN PEN!


You know what, I did find info on the InPen yesterday and sent Medtronic my insurance info (as much as I don’t want to really work with them) to investigate my coverage!

I’ve taken pump breaks before but always go back because it’s just so much more convenient for me. We’ll see how long this one lasts :slight_smile:

Well I was on a pump holiday since diagnosis in 1994 until this summer and although there are hassles, I’m quite happy with my better time in range. I’ve had some retinal complications recently and am hoping that things improve but meanwhile I’m going to do what I can to achieve normoglycemia!

Info from medtronic regarding inPen cgm integration with dexcom, says for Ios only phones.

Hmm that is annoying that it’s only compatible with Dexcom via Apple. Thanks, Medtronic. The actual InPen is compatible with Android devices though…

Its not clear if Medtronic bought out InPen, or has just integrated it into their product line. Maybe hoping to address the non-pumpers, or persuade them to pumping with Medtronics.

I love this thing. Originally , it was Companion Medical and Medtronic bought them out. . I do not like this either as companion was more helpful. That said, this gadget is almost near perfect for me as i was losing my absorption ability on pump. I used Tandem and did love it.
The biggest bummer is only .5 increments of bolus so no smaller micro bolus. Please keep posted.
Best of luck.!

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That is great to hear. Thanks for your feedback - I should be hearing from them regarding coverage soon!

Keep me posted on IN Pen progress. Its only 35$ peryear!
Still requires a long acting pen of course. You can add that info into this gadget as it does it all!

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