Down with Wilford Brimley & MiniMed!


Do any other diabetics out there get annoyed when they hear fatzo Wilfred Brimley say the word "diabetes"? as Dia-beee-tus? ugh! I can't stand that guy!

But if you like him, here's a funny clip:

On a different note,

I have had the worst day trying to get my supplies from MiniMed (ordered over a month ago and still waiting for them and now waiting for a certificate of medical necessity from my new doc)

Apparently Mini-Med faxed the form to a doc that I haven't seen in over 3 years and of course the office wouldn't fax it back to them. After I called MM to ask them why I haven't received my supplies yet (they are usually prompt) they told me that my (old) doc wouldn't send it in. (Why wouldn't anyone call me to tell me this?) Why Mini-Med has no record of the three docs I've seen since then is beyond me! To make matters worse, the Health Clinic here on post lost ALL of my medical records & actually had the nerve to tell me that I had to come into the office today to have my fasting A1C taken (again) to determine that I am diabetic. I went in this morning and waited and waited and didn't have my blood drawn until after noon. ( I was fasting since 8pm) Still after all of this, no supplies and I onlly have three sets left. (that's less than a weeks worth of supplies) I pray that I do not have to revert to shots as I have never actually had to test my "back-up plan" and to be honest, I don't think it will keep my levels where they need to be.

Tell me this, why do I have to fight tooth and nail to get supplies to an insulin pump? I have had T1 diabetes for 22+ years!! Of course it's a medical necessity! I am scared that I won't get the supplies and end up completely out-of-whack, or worse yet in the hospital with no one to take care of my two boys since my husband is deployed and we're new to town. This has been such a frustrating time! I did ,however finally receive notice from TriCare that they have approved me to see an endocronologist (thank god) However the place they are sending me to does not have the best reputation. oh well, one battle at a time! I'll start with Wilfred Brimley and move on from there!


Minimed can send you pump supplies out to you until they get a fax from your Doctor… FOR FREE since they made a mistake… It’s like 4 reservoirs and 4 Quick-Sets or whatever you use… They had to do that from me…Good Luck!