Hating stupid doctors!


So i haven't joined this site long but i personally had to post this blog about today....

Basically, i live in the UK so ill try not to confuse to much.

Overall my BS levels are pretty darn good especially in the past month as ive really stepped it up a gear.

But today, me and my partner went to london via coach and because we are staying a few days we packed the night before all the usual stuff clothes, testing kit, meds, needles, test strips etc and left the insulin in the refridgeator overnight planning to pickj it up in the morning. but unfortunatly my boyfriend forgot!

Which we only realised half way to London,,,,,, which sucked fo both of us as my boyfriend is also diabetic.

So.... we went to the nearest pharmacy to ask if we could get any emergency treatment, as we were running a little high but luckily we hadn't ate any food. they directed us to the drop in centre where a doctor would sort us a prescription to then take to the pharmacy.

So off we went in the pouring rain, thunder and lightening 2 miles to the drop in centre after waiting two hours we eventally got seen for them to say that my doctors need to send proof via fax because they had no proof we were diabetic, even though we had items with my name on from recent trips to pharmacies plus other things. So we phoned our doctors who faxed over proof even though the nurses were far from happy.

Rant over.

I'm just very annoyed at it all!!

I do understand the risks that the emergency doctors go through giving meds out like insulin as it could get into the wrong hands but i had geniune proof and the fact they didnt want to give me insulin had really got to me.

Hannah that is so bad,they didnt even give you insulin oh my days.
You both should have gone to the hospital and said your diabetes was out of control and that stupid doc wasted your entire time.
I am sorry to hear thats bad.