#dPodcastWeek -- Are you a diabetes podcaster?


Are you a diabetes podcaster? Let us know!

Reply to this topic by telling us a bit about your podcast and be sure to include a link.

Are you interested in participating in a diabetes podcast week?

Stacey Simms is organizing #dPodcastWeek for Feb. 1-7, 2016. During this week diabetes podcasters will help promote the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign to raise money for IDF’s Life of a Child program.

You can find out more about #dPodcastWeek by listening to this week’s episode of Everybody Talks or by visiting Stacey Simms’ blog. Tuesday, January 12, 2016 is the deadline for signing up.

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I have always wanted to do a podcast. Sign me up twice. I talk, I yabber, I sometimes even make sense.

Let me know if i can


Rick, love to have you! But I’m not creating/producing the podcasts. Just asking existing podcasts to take part. That said… if you’d like to record an “episode” just for #DpodcastWeek or use it to get started, that would be great! Can be five minutes of you talking or an hour long “show.” Let me know if you’d like some info on how to record, etc.

Curious about the podcasters participating in #dPodcastWeek? Check out this quick guide on the DHF blog…

Who’s planning to participate in the “Blab” event for Diabetes Podcast Week, tomorrow night?! If you’re not yet subscribed, you can sign up here: https://blab.im/stacey-simms-diabetes-podcast-week-1. I just went there and there are already a few people chatting! It’s pretty interesting.

I’ve never used the blab platform (is it a brand new thing? I hadn’t heard of it before), but it looks interesting…