Dr. Bernstein

Should a type1 with chronic kidney disease follow Dr. Bernstein's diet? I have never read his book .

Well, I ordered a copy from the library so I'll read it.

Many mistakenly think that the Bernstein diet is high protein and fear that it causes strain on the kidneys. It is in fact a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. Recent research indicates that a high fat diet may be able to reverse kidney disease in diabetics. You will, of course, have to consult with yourvDr. and monitor how your your body reacts to the new diet, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out. Most T1's experience a reduction in damaging spikes and a better A1C all of which are positive in regards to complications.

Dr. Bernstein himself had advanced kidney disease. He actually healed himself by adopting the diet he suggests. He firmly believes that normalizing your blood sugar can only do your kidneys good. Whether you can heal is unknown. But as Badmoon says, Bernstein recommends a modest level of protein, quite consistent with standard recommendations for those with kidney problems. I have never seen anything that suggests Dr. B's diet is harmful to the kidneys.