Richard k. Bernstein diet

I am type 1 diabetic for 15 year and have mild proteinuria. Aftet starting richard k. Bernstein diet start having pain and burning around my kidneys. My weight is 54.4 kg and protein consupmtion 57 gram per day. My urine complete test report is also fine.My water intake is good and also eating vegetables. Should i discontinue diet and go back to conventional diet high carb moderate protein and low fat. What should i do guys? (English is not my mother tongue) Before starting diet 24 hour creatinine 1.58gm/24hr… 24 hour hour protein.160mg/24hr.

Endocrinologist in my country don’t want to talk about low carb and nutrition ketosis.

Talk with your doctor about this.

It’s a difficult question, because high levels of protein can harm your kidneys. And also high levels of sugar can harm your kidneys.
As with everything, it think a moderate and broad diet is best.

However this is a medical question and your doctor might think that your specific problem requires a specific diet.

I don’t have protein in my urine but I can see historical results and it goes up and down. However always remains in normal range. I try to drink a lot of water as a matter of habit