Dr. Jake Kushner, pediatric endocrinologist

Dr. Bret Scher interviews Dr. Jake Kushner about type 1 diabetes, low carb diets, and dealing with teenager T1Ds. I think it’s difficult for people without T1D to be able to empathize with what we are up against. It’s a rare person without T1D who can jump that gap and really get it. Jake Kushner is one of those people.

I found this interview interesting as it looked at the current state of clinical practice for T1D and explains some of the ignorance and stuck-in-the-past medical provider attitudes that we often face when we visit our doctors.

Dr. Kushner mentions low carb proponent, Dr. Richard Bernstein, more than once in a positive light. He also mentions the low carb Facebook group, Type One Grit, a few times.

His teenage patients who see him are lucky to be one of his patients. This interview will likely be of interest to any parent of a child with T1D, especially a teenager.

This is well worth a listen. Enjoy.