DR.'s call back

ever have a dr. that tell’s you you only get out of your diabtets what you put in.will thats what my dr told me and that if i had any problems to call him and he would let me know what to do. will i did nad i was told that he did not have the time to deal whith it be cause he was planning his vaction . so i am left to do tis on my own. i started with a discussion here about my problem and only a couple of members responed to my ? so as i look around here on the site i feel that i am at my dr.'s office,with little to no support. so that being said i am going at this alone. like always. so to the ones that responed to my ? thank you and i wish you will.

for those who did not read my first discussion this is t.

i went to see dr. last wed. and i have been having trouble getting it down during the day. i have been taking latus for about 3 yrs.up until last wed. i was taking 60 units at night and 60 during the day. the dr. wanted me to try novlog because of my high bg during the day and changed my latus to 40 at night and 80 during the day.l told him to hold off on novolog, i would try if i had to but nope bg down during day now but my overnights are way low like from 40’s to 50’s for the last 5 days . my ? is the 80 units catching me at that time of night or is it something easle? i have lost moer weight and have cut back even more on eating.i am at a road block on what to do. any input on this will be welcome.

Eddie, I am sorry that you are feeling that you are in this alone, you are not. I am not insulin dependent, so I can offer nothing except an ear. Hopefully someone will chime in with some useful suggestions.

Good afternoon,

Lantus is usually a 24 hour insulin. Some folks like yourself may take it twice a day. The amounts you take are much higher than what I took, before I started on my pump, but everyone has different needs. I would highly recommend you consider adding the Novolog. You would take Lantus in evening and perhaps during the day but lower doses, then you would take Novolog 15 - 20 minutes before you eat meals - amount would be based on how many carbs you will eat + what your blood sugar is at that point in time. I would highly recommend talking with a Certified Diabetes Educator to help you learn how to correctly dose your insulin. Perhaps you do not want additional injections every day - but it is this intensive treatment that reduces bad outcomes. I was injecting 6-8 times a day before I started on my pump. If your doctor is not an Endocrinologist, I would consider seeing one. If he/she is then I would consider changing to another.

Hey Eddie,

Please find another doctor & get a referral to an endo.

I checked your home page. Your A1c of 11 corresponds to an average BG of 269–very high. Your doctor was right to suggest a rapid acting insulin like Novolog before meals. Those are quite large doses of Lantus & it sounds like you’d do better with a rapid acting insulin & lower doses of Lantus. An endo can help you fine tune your doses & get your BG down.

Yes, the Lantus is causing lows overnight, but not helping your BG during the day.

I feel you should cut back on both the day and night Lantus amount.
They say Lantus has no peak but it does, about 3-4 hours after injection,
That is the reason for your lows at night. You have to get used to the idea
of taking Humalog at meals and for corrections. Lantus was not made for
the way you are using it. You have to find a doctor or clinic that cares about
your health. If that’s what your doctor said, please find a different care giver.

If you can go to another doctor, on your insurance plan, please do, and let the insurance company know what he said to you. Nothing is going to change, if people keep taking this junk from their doctors.

will got a hold of dr. and we had a good old sit down and every thing has been workout. have started to take novolog and have cut back on lantus and on my pills and it seems to be working bg are down and feel a little better.just check bg and it is at 63 so i gess it is doing its job.and also i would like to say sorry for my early rat to start this disscusoin but i was mad at he dr. for what had happen so to all i am sorry.

Happy you’ve got things worked out & are feeling better!

Hey, you have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t rant & you can if you want to.