Hello from columbus ohio type 2 here

hello everyone this is like my second time here. I chatted with some really nice people last night. a little about my situation, I take 36 units of lantus at night and that is all. I hardly ever have to cover myself with the novalog anymore. But the only thing now is I have to make sure I eat like I have to eat something at bedtime. and I don't go to bed til pretty late. my blood sugar at 12:30 a.m. was 173. I ate something and when I woke up at 4 it was back to being low so I had to eat again. Then when i finally got up for the day my sugar was 107 so I ate. and just two and half hours ago my bs was 116. So I had a chicken sandwich from burger king. I don't eat out all of the time maybe a couple times a week. I pretty much eat what I want like real food. I don't eat any sweets of any kind like pastries cakes cookies nothing like that I don't eat chips or snack foods. The only thing I do like is the nature valley granola bars. and when i do get something to eat out, i only get the sandwich, no fries and no soda. I only drink water. I hardly eat potatoes or any kind of pasta. So I guess I'm doing pretty good. I really don't like to excercise but I will get out and take walks. Well I would welcome any advice or suggestions or comments. Everyone have a great Friday. I like this website so far you have made me feel so welcome. It was so nice to see all of the little messages people had left me. I usually don't talk this much really I know it's probably hard to believe. Half of the time u can't get a peep out of me. LOL

i think a dietition or nutritionist might help you with what & how much to eat.also you need to know how to count carbs.a cde is best.good luck. we are here to help.

Unless you are going lower than the numbers that you described I would not consider that to be low. I feel OK with my bg if it doesn't go below 70 and normal bg for a non D person is in the 70 range give or take. Talk to your doctor about his expectations for you before you take mine or anyone else's advice.

it sounds like your numbers and dietary choices are ok is your big question about your night time hypos? are they frequent? to fend off night time hypos the trick is to have some protein or fat with some carbs at bedtime this helps to keep you steadier through the night. if you have any other specific questions ask away, keep up the effort and positive intentions and decisions! amy

When do you take the Lantus? I think you might have to look at the timing of the shot and your meals to make sure they match up.

thanks for all of the comments and advice. I think I do need a dietician to help me because I have been doing this all by myself pretty much. I live alone and don't have any children but I do have nurses that see me twice a day they just come in to check my vitals. My doctor comes out once a month and I have mentioned to him before about a dietician but nothing ever came of it. Maybe I will mention it when he comes out this month. Also I take my 36 units of Lantus at 7 but I don't go to bed til late like sometimes one in the morning. So maybe I am taking it too early.