Dr. Sarah Hallberg - Ted Talk on Reversing Diabetes

Check out this new Ted talk by Sarah Hallberg. Her recommendation? Ignore the guidelines.

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very interesting and well worth watching (18 min).

let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Brian you select great posts. As a T2 I follow a tightly controlled carb eating pattern (not quite Berstein but close) and I add as.much exercise as I can fit in. (That bad term “diet and exercise only” which I no longer use). Starting A1c 12.0 2009 now 6.0 no meds! I am fortunate to be able to do it, not everyone can.
I am mentioning this because of all the flack and rude comments I have gotten from this site and others, “what do I eat grass? I am a goody two shoes who thinks I am better than anyone else, I am not a diabetic. I am a danger to other diabetics. What do I want a gold star?” This is just a sample from Tu Diabetes, yes this site.
I was at the Tu focus group in Berkley awhile ago It was one of those this where a lot of people sit around the table full of cards with topics to arrange.
I took one labeled recipes (food) and pairedit with medicine. Because “food is medicine to me”. That was quickly vetoed by the group, as a crazy idea. FYI
No one made any rude comments that day.
Just can the rude comments please, I would appreciate. It. Hey I might do the next TED.

Thanks for listening
That’s my rant!


[quote=“Fraser, post:3, topic:46106, full:true”]
… I took one labeled recipes (food) and pairedit with medicine. Because “food is medicine to me”. …[/quote]

Like you I found changing to a low carb diet worked far, far better than any T2 medication ever took , and I have taken quite a few. Unfortunately diet isn’t considered a treatment or medicine, instead we are told to just a high carb diet, medicate with a bunch of pill. And I hope you never feel unwelcome here, I consider you a hero for finding a successful way to manage your diabetes.

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Not to get to crazy. Medicine is a branch of science ecompassing treatment by drugs, diet and exercise… The practice of Medicine.
As an agent it is usually in pill form., liquid etc.
I have always felt the practice of Medicine is wholistic, not just limited to drugs. .:wink:

that talk inspired me to change my diet, starting today. I’m a carb junkie…

Because I get low and have to eat carbs I tend to think of carbs as my “savior”. Pretty freakin’ crazy, eh?