Dr. Sarah Hallberg and T2D remission

Here’s a link to an informative series of 7 short videos that discuss how using a low-carb, high-fat way of eating can resolve the symptoms of T2D.


Dr. Hallberg is now affiliated with Virta Health, a comprehensive plan that provides guidance and coaching for people with T2D. This program, and others like it, are a new medical/business model that are enjoying incredible success in relieving the T2D burden. Enjoy!


The only problem I have with Virta and other similar businesses is that they always talk about reversing diabetes and even going so far as to at least imply they have a cure for diabetes. None of these businesses are upfront in telling you that eating low carb and sticking to a low carb diet will treat and potentially resolve the symptoms of T2D. They walk a very fine marketing line to stay legal, but I keep hearing from T2D’s that these businesses have a cure for diabetes and that is just not true. I think a lot of the general public equate reversing diabetes as a cure rather than a lifestyle method of keeping blood sugar in better control.

Every time another one of these businesses pop up, I start getting emails from well meaning friends and family that I should look at this potential cure for diabetes.


I used to get all those emails from people too. But now they all know I do LCHF and am very serious about it. Now the emails note, what’s so knew, you have been doing that for years. LOL

I agree about the semantics of “reversing diabetes.” I much prefer the term, remission. I heard Sarah Hallberg and others last weekend at the Low Carb Denver conference. Each of them clarified that they’re fully aware that what they’re promoting is not a cure. I think they are sincere about this but I still don’t like “reverse.” The underlying value of what they’re promoting is still real and I sense their heart is in the right place.

As far as what the general public hears and remembers about diabetes, that is well out of our control.

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They obviously have a good program, Low Carb works. It just seems that to advertise what they are doing as reversing diabetes cheapens their entire raison d’etre as anyone that reads news on a regular basis gets quite jaundiced eye with the continual over the top click bait titles in the news. You know before opening the article, you will be disappointed in the content matter. Are you more apt to click on an article titled “Reverse your diabetes” or “put your diabetes into remission”?

I listened carefully to this entire series of videos. I too am concerned about the impression that this can be seen as a cure. I was pleasantly surprised when it was explained in one of the latter videos that this is not a cure but is a reversal of symptoms. She explained that this diet does work but if one returns to their previous eating habits the benefits will go away.


A thought from an actual T2 who controls his T2 with diet and exercise only doing Low Carb.

I understand all the issue with those selling books love to use the word Cure.
That is wrong.
But if you are diagnosed and educated in a tradional diabetes program.
You are taught low carb is damaging to your body, its too hard to stay on a low carb. Diet, so you will fail. I have had diabetes educators tell me that it is too difficult for T2.s to count carbs. I asssume that if T1 can count carbs, a t2 can learn also.
T2’s can eat all the foods they are use to just in moderation. (No)
T2’s are given a endless supply of a revolving set of medication, all eventually fail. They told that eventually all will be on Insulin, which may or not b true. But all you T1’s out there if you were told that you could control your diabetes with diet and exercise even if it is low carb and you actually could do it. I would expect you would try it even of was “hard”.

Doctors don’t want to work with T2’s of diet and exercise because it is too time consuming for the doctor.

an example of setting up a T2 to fail: I was helping out in an diabetes education class and a middle age woman was just freaking out because she did not think she could learn to count carbs. I asked her if she could cook and read a recipe (yes). Could she count calories (yes of course). I would think then she could count carbs if given the support.

My request is that we try to fix the “cure work thing”. And concentrate on supporting T2’s lowering their carb intake… I know so many T2’s low carbing and doing well.

Low carb eating is really just an extension of eat to your meter. You eat more carbs your numbers go up you control you carbs your numbers go down.

I am sure if the medical community would embrace low carb WOE magically we could figure out a good term to describe the out come.

End of rant


And I think too that eating low carb information should be offered to pre-diabetics.