Drawing Diabetes evolves

Drawing Diabetes started back in 2008 as an awareness initiative, a place to come together and learn from the wonderful lessons the children in our community are sharing with us guided by their parents.

In May 2008 we collected inspiring and thought provoking stories of love, pride, awareness, care, responsibility and hope seen and told through the eyes of children. As a result of this, a few months later we created the first Drawing Diabetes video produced by DHF. This video has been seen by over 50 thousand people all over the world in English and Spanish: a beautiful story of how our kids came together to let the world know about their struggles, their level of responsibility and positive attitude towards diabetes. This is a story we don’t want to forget.

Today, in June 2009 we want encourage all of you to participate and let the world know your own story and the story of the diabetes community coming together to raise more awareness using art as a healer, a catalyst and a channel for communication. We have found over and over, that pouring our frustration, love, pride, awareness, care, responsibility and hope in any form of art helps us tremendously learn that we are not alone and teach others that we are not alone.

As you probably know, TuDiabetes has some really great grownup artists as well, so we have decided to open the group to all ages: paintings, drawing, quilts, photography, basically any 2D medium…

If you are working with supplies, capturing photos or making sculptures, you can also post them on Diabetes Supplies Art. We want Drawing Diabetes to be an open and inclusive platform open to all artists (professional or amateurs) in the community.

gosh, I’d better get started on that quilt design that I’ve been thinking of!