Dreams that are hard to follow

We all know that diabetes is not to be a reason to stop us from achieving in life?

For a second, have you ever thought of what you would want to do, or what you want to be, even if diabetes would seen to make it impossible?

Personally, I would like to get into shape,…and be a dancer…

Not very difficult dream my friend.Sure you can do it Merry Christmas to you Jovanni

I would like to be a Diabetic Educator and some day start my own Diabetic Clinic in MO. It’s not impossible but I am slowly working my way up to my dream…baby steps.

What type of a dancer would you like to be? You can do it:)

something like this…


Hey Jovanni, I’m Sure you can do it! Don’t worry about getting into shape first though, all the dance practice will make you lose weight and be good for your D too.

My dream is to do a full-time Masters in Psychology. It’s difficult, because I can’t afford health insurance (the South African system is different!) or fees or living expenses!

Well, just like here in my country! It’s just a good thing call center agents get free health insurance, though medicines come out-of-wallet.