Driver's licenses.....suspended in CA?

I just renewed my d/l in Florida and the person who was putting info into the computer asked the question. She said it would not effect my license but the information was there in case I was in a accident or had a incident and needed medical attention. Glad I don’t live in CA.

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Thanks this is what I thought would happen…California is a ridiculous state to live in for so many reasons.

I too have strong feelings on the subject. I don’t want dangerous drivers on the road. At the same time, not having a drivers license in most of the USA will result in losing your job - and if you lose your job then you don’t have health insurance and you’ll be even more unable to get access to a doc and bg control technology that will enable you to get “controlled enough” to get your drivers license back.

I am lucky that I could arrange my job such that I can take a bus and train to work most of the time. And I only occasionally have to drive while at work. But in fact a fundamental condition of my employment, is that I hold a valid drivers license.

Despite how medical coding describes - Do you CONTROL your diabetes and know how to AVOID & CORRECT hypoglycemia? IMO, that is what I would want my doctor to specify. So far I’ve had to submit 2 letters, each time I handed my doctor a sample letter and requested her opinion in a similarly worded letter. If the letter was not positive, I would request modifications to the letter or to who my provider is.

I live in Massachusetts as well. I had to renew my license a few years ago. I checked no on the box about medication. I asked my endo about it at my next appointment. She said I did not lie and did nothing wrong. So I will continue to do this every time I renew.

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YES to all of the above!!! I find it interesting that in my paperwork to this DMV person it clearly states they thought I was fit to drive. She told me she contacted my DR. -who is now on maternity leave - to inquire about my A1C… which is high but compared to this time last year it has gone down.

The officer refused to tell me how much lower should I get my A1C since she is completely disregarding what my ENDO has written on the paperwork.

Look they can’t even stop Drunk Drivers on the road. How many times have you heard of something on their 3-4th DUI offense? I am not sure why I am being judged by a person that perhaps doesn’t have any medical or known CDE certifications. Back in the day I was thinking about becoming a CDE and looked at all the hoops you had to jump to get it. If this person who is judging me doesn’t even ahve the CDE certification I am not sure how they can make an informed decision.

Has anybody gone through a hearing for this?? I really don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. What should I expect.

I think @El_Ver went through the hearing in California.

I don’t think you need a lawyer. I think its in front of a board of doctors that work for the state. I think your Doc just checked the wrong box. That she is out on maternity leave is super unlucky for you. Sometimes paperwork is just misfiled.

The man that I saw in the clinic had his license revoked for diabetes, even though he wasn’t a diabetic. He walked right up to the counter and said he wanted the clinic to fix this because he had just had a heart attack and didn’t need to spend all his time fighting with the DMV to correct the mistake. Maybe you could try that approach.

  1. Go to Clinic; 2.) Say, “There is a mistake on this medical form and I need it corrected”; 3.) Point out where your doc said you were ok to drive and the check box that sparked the confusion with the DMV; 4.) Say, “I need this matter resolved.” Put it on them. This makes it clear that it was their mistake and that they need to fix it so you don’t suffer damages.

By the way, I have never heard of someone having their license suspended from having a high A1c. I think this was a paperwork mistake.

@mohe0001 in California a lawyer or Dr representation is not required, but is always your option. I elected on the 3rd suspension to pay for my Dr to be there so I could increase the chances of keeping my license.


I never ever ever check that box when at the DMV. Frankly it is none of their business. Plus I’ve known too many people that have ended up in the same situation as you. It is truly unfortunate and unfair. I hope everything works out well for you.

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If they say they can’t fix it, that’s bullsht. I wouldn’t accept that answer. You are going to a lot of effort to resolve this. They need to make an effort because there is no one else who CAN fix this but them (the clinic or the DMV). They hold all the cards, so they have to take responsibility. It is irresponsible and evil for them to put you into a catch-22 where you loose your ability to work because they can’t fix a paperwork mistake. Unacceptable. They are adults. They can do work.

You can always write a complaint to your legislature or the newspaper. Keep low expectations, but pursue different avenues.

Is this a commercial license? Noting your are looking for a some long drive? What a hassle! Nancy

@mohe0001 if the person has a CDL, the DMV won’t budge an inch as CDL is a Federal program. With normal Class C (passenger vehicles) licenses there might be some leeway for an improperly filed form, but in Calif the DMV does not like to make exceptions for anything if possible.

I think she’s working with a class C, not CDL. I (slowly) rode one of these electric bikes the other day and thought of this post. These are legal w/o a license in my state…maybe in yours, too. It was really fun. Might buy out of the box for $1,500, or you can build one for much cheaper.

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P.S. Yesterday my state reported that they have simply run out of money and they will never fix our DMV computer system. I suppose I knew that was inevitable. My license will be randomly suspended for the rest of my life. But, its ok, the police don’t even pull me over for it anymore. They know the routine.

You never know. Maybe someday the state will figure it out. Stranger things have happened.

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That is crazy that you ever had to do that!

this is just a regular license! Nothing special. I was thinking about doing deliveries for Uber at the most but not driving big rigs.

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Thank you for this and I am keeping a time line and good record keeping.