Driver's licenses.....suspended in CA?


Thanks @Terry4 for the DMV info. Even though I have been there multiple times, I still check no. Things with me have changed. I am careful to a fault and never drive unless I am between 100 and 120. Never. My job depends on my ability to drive. I don’t take chances with my employment or my health.


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I sold my car two years ago and now walk or take public transit. I rent a car a few times per year so having a driver’s license is useful. But don’t drive much compared to when I owned a car. When I drive I like to display my phone Loop dashboard with my BG and all the details in glanceable sight.

Reading of my glucose levels at the doctors office: what do you discuss with your doctor?

From now on I will encourage every diabetic to never admit to their condition for their Driver’s License. This is absolutely ridiculous. Am I being judged by somebody that knows the disease or some body that has the cliff notes and media version? I have to drive that is not an option. Most of my jobs are at least 15-20 miles one way from my house. That is rather normal for Los Angeles. If the state was so serious about diabetes then they would have everybody tested before renewing their DR. license.

I am uncontrolled diabetic but that doesn’t automatically mean I am a hazard for the road. With people that are driving with 3-4 DUI’s and I am being penalized? This is unreal. Diabetes is an individual disease and a constantly changing disease. So if I am having difficultly getting my BS in control I can not drive and maintain a job that provides me health insurance? As soon as I was able to get insurance at my new job I immediately scheduled an appointment with my Endo and the Opthamalogist. For all my efforts, I am being penalized.

I spoke to the American Diabetes Assn and they just told me to talk to an attorney. I have never met such a useless organization. I am not sure what good they are doing for the grass roots folks such as myself. I did speak to one and he told me this is type of quakery from DMV is normal and his fee is $3000. How much test strips and insulin could I purchase with that?

I have been trying to have a conversation with the presiding officer that made the decision but she can’t find my file. This is crazy.


I agree with you to a point. Diabetes can affect your driving. We are going to split hairs on this one because I was being honest. Is it like epilepsy…NO… I haven’t had any issues with my Diabetes and I told them that at the hearing. I was fine with a having medical probation and a timely review. I am not sure why that wasn’t offered to me since they mentioned it in the hearing.


Thank you!! If i can unring this bell I would certainly would. I know I am uncontrolled. Since loosing regular employment 3 years ago… and not having decent insurance has caused me to have a lapse in care. I was using walmart insulin. (YES IAM ON INSULIN). When I finally got my current job Immediately started back on care and my new ENDO started a new regime. She was not familiar with the DMV paperwork and I don’t believe she would have filled things out if she knew there was a chance I would have my privileges suspended. I am still trying to have a quality conversation with the Officer that wrote the report. She was sick and is still trying to find my file at this point. Next tuesday I plan to be on the phone with her and see if there is anything I can do as far as getting a medical probation or a hardship license or such.


If you think your Doc didn’t intend to have your privileges revoked, then I would absolutely ask her to try to remedy the situation by changing the paperwork and explaining her mistake to the DMV. Call your endos nurse and explain the situation. Schedule an appointment to discuss it. For, otherwise, you have entered a world of pain. However bad you imagine this is, it is far worse.

If you can avoid a lawyer, that’s best. They aren’t well educated about this and you may not get your money’s worth. You will need to educate them on the whole issue. But, we can help. P.S. I found one for $1,000. But, that’s not california rates. Look for a young lawyer, fresh outta college. Go down to the local LAW college and ask around, maybe. Tell them you got $1,000 for someone whose interested. Tell them its an interesting case. Go into the cafeteria or coffee shop on campus. Hand out your card. Word will spread. You should tell them that you are in a very unusual situation of having your license suspended even though you have never had a loss of consciousness behind the wheel. If there is no medical record of ever having loss of consciousness, tell them that.

My lawyer never really resolved the situation to my satisfaction, but I got to bulley the state a little in retaliation for them for bullying me. Worth every penny. They were bullying the ■■■■ out of me. I think they will try to scare you more if you have a strong case (which you might). They threatened me with jail time. That scared me. But, don’t get scared - that just means your right and they don’t want to even smell the scent of a discrimination lawsuit. If they try to frighten you, you gotta get mad. Note: If you gotta go to court, it may take longer than 3 months. So, you should pursue multiple avenues of resolving this. Keep records of any loss of wages in case it comes to that.

Just to be sure we are on the same page, you aren’t having crazy lows that you believe might render you unsafe behind the wheel, right? If not, you gotta be prepared to go to war over this.

Not to get your blood pressure up, but about a month after I won in court, I did have a low blood sugar accident (I think) and crashed my car. @El_Ver, The cops reported it to the state and I had to get a new form signed by the Doc. He did it no problem and I was a bit surprised. He said I was a ‘gold star’ diabetic and the cops were just being cry baby dramatic. Go figure. I could not have predicted that. It was suspended so many times for no reason. Then, as soon as they have a reason, they don’t suspend. Its hard to predict how this works. You gotta learn by experience…years of miserable experience.

Put on your thug hat if you gotta fight with the state. They don’t fulfill any of their obligations or fight fair. Be ready.


Worst come to worst, 3 months isn’t that long. But, I’m uncomfortable with you accepting that because there’s no guarantee they wont check the ‘uncontrolled’ box again. How do you become ‘controlled?’

Diabetes is kinda like epilepsy - I’d say that out of the medical conditions that the DMV checks for, diabetes and epilepsy are the two most similar. Epilepsy is more common than type 1 - But, its easier for them to f*ck with diabetics. I believe epileptics have built up intrinsic good karma with the state from their history of being burned at the stake and forced into mental hospitals. I think they get a little leeway. The Epilepsy Foundation (or, one of those big, national orgs) is extremely good at their patient advocacy (unlike the ADA). They work really hard to answer legal questions accurately and in a very timely manner. They are really good at what they do. I don’t think the diabetics have an parallel org that does that work. I called them to inquire after we were all talking on Tu to ask about rights to refuse care at the hospital…just 'cus epileptics know a thing or two about refusing care (its a more common issue for epileptics). They talked to nurses and lawyers and got right back to me. So helpful.

In my state, in both cases, they categorize you according to medication use. So, if you take insulin (all type 1’s take insulin), your on their list. If your an epileptic and you dont take meds, you can avoid getting on that list. In both cases, I have seen this as barrier to care. I have met diabetics who refused to get diagnosed and take insulin (and certainly weren’t gonna live very long) because they didn’t want to loose their means of supporting themselves (truck drivers). Its much easier to ‘fudge’ an epilepsy diagnosis than a diabetes diagnosis because lots of epileptics can get by without meds.

A large percentage (10%) of the population will experience a seizure in their lifetime, so the state has to be more cautious about enforcement.


Last time thart I renewed, it took forever because of checking ‘diabetic on insulin’. I went through the phone interview, etc. Eventually, someone on the phone said that I was cleared and to go back to DMV (CA). At DMV I was told that I was not cleared, to call someone. This went back and forth for a time. Meanwhile I was give a couple of temporary permits. Good luck. Sounds like your doc needs to write another letter clarifying that you are doing what is needed to control it. My situation was not clarified until I was almost hysterically demanding to see someone further up the command.


I just renewed my d/l in Florida and the person who was putting info into the computer asked the question. She said it would not effect my license but the information was there in case I was in a accident or had a incident and needed medical attention. Glad I don’t live in CA.


Thanks this is what I thought would happen…California is a ridiculous state to live in for so many reasons.


I too have strong feelings on the subject. I don’t want dangerous drivers on the road. At the same time, not having a drivers license in most of the USA will result in losing your job - and if you lose your job then you don’t have health insurance and you’ll be even more unable to get access to a doc and bg control technology that will enable you to get “controlled enough” to get your drivers license back.

I am lucky that I could arrange my job such that I can take a bus and train to work most of the time. And I only occasionally have to drive while at work. But in fact a fundamental condition of my employment, is that I hold a valid drivers license.


Despite how medical coding describes - Do you CONTROL your diabetes and know how to AVOID & CORRECT hypoglycemia? IMO, that is what I would want my doctor to specify. So far I’ve had to submit 2 letters, each time I handed my doctor a sample letter and requested her opinion in a similarly worded letter. If the letter was not positive, I would request modifications to the letter or to who my provider is.


I live in Massachusetts as well. I had to renew my license a few years ago. I checked no on the box about medication. I asked my endo about it at my next appointment. She said I did not lie and did nothing wrong. So I will continue to do this every time I renew.



YES to all of the above!!! I find it interesting that in my paperwork to this DMV person it clearly states they thought I was fit to drive. She told me she contacted my DR. -who is now on maternity leave - to inquire about my A1C… which is high but compared to this time last year it has gone down.

The officer refused to tell me how much lower should I get my A1C since she is completely disregarding what my ENDO has written on the paperwork.


Look they can’t even stop Drunk Drivers on the road. How many times have you heard of something on their 3-4th DUI offense? I am not sure why I am being judged by a person that perhaps doesn’t have any medical or known CDE certifications. Back in the day I was thinking about becoming a CDE and looked at all the hoops you had to jump to get it. If this person who is judging me doesn’t even ahve the CDE certification I am not sure how they can make an informed decision.


Has anybody gone through a hearing for this?? I really don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. What should I expect.


I think @El_Ver went through the hearing in California.

I don’t think you need a lawyer. I think its in front of a board of doctors that work for the state. I think your Doc just checked the wrong box. That she is out on maternity leave is super unlucky for you. Sometimes paperwork is just misfiled.

The man that I saw in the clinic had his license revoked for diabetes, even though he wasn’t a diabetic. He walked right up to the counter and said he wanted the clinic to fix this because he had just had a heart attack and didn’t need to spend all his time fighting with the DMV to correct the mistake. Maybe you could try that approach.

  1. Go to Clinic; 2.) Say, “There is a mistake on this medical form and I need it corrected”; 3.) Point out where your doc said you were ok to drive and the check box that sparked the confusion with the DMV; 4.) Say, “I need this matter resolved.” Put it on them. This makes it clear that it was their mistake and that they need to fix it so you don’t suffer damages.

By the way, I have never heard of someone having their license suspended from having a high A1c. I think this was a paperwork mistake.


@mohe0001 in California a lawyer or Dr representation is not required, but is always your option. I elected on the 3rd suspension to pay for my Dr to be there so I could increase the chances of keeping my license.